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Unknown Gunmen Impregnable Dragons Flushing Out Government Licensed Criminals From Biafraland

Unknown Gunmen Impregnable Dragons Flushing Out Government Licensed Criminals From Biafraland Quite a number of people within Nigeria are pr...

Unknown Gunmen Impregnable Dragons Flushing Out Government Licensed Criminals From Biafraland

Quite a number of people within Nigeria are presently claiming ignorance of what actually gave rise to the emergence of the unknown gunmen who are currently prowling across the entirety of Biafraland with their venom. It should be recalled that in the past few weeks, some of these unknown gunmen have severally clashed with officers and men of the Nigerian police force, army and the  navy at diverse locations within Biafraland. 

Many mischief makers, inclusive of the Nigerian Inspector-General of Police, Alhaji Mohammad Adamu, are at present, boldfacedly accusing the peaceful and armless Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), as masterminds of the raging clashes between the unknown gunmen and the Nigerian security forces. Many others on the other hand, are pointing accusing fingers at the people-oriented indigenous security outfit christened "Eastern Security Network (ESN)".

However, quite unlike the mischievous Inspector-General of Police who hastily came up with a conclusion without clinical details of any forensic investigation, that the armless IPOB and the bushes/forests/farmlands securing personnel of the Eastern Security Network (ESN), are complicit in the dastardly clashes recently carried out by the unknown gunmen, the Investigative Team of Family Writers Press International has proactively completed forensic investigation into the remote and exact causes of the clashes that have been raging between the Nigerian armed forces and the yet to be disclosed gunmen. 

And it can authoritatively be reported here that both the IPOB and the ESN are not in anyway, responsible. In the course of investigation, it was further discovered that the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), yet remain uncomprised, in it's peaceful, armless and civil posture and are clearly concerned only with the activities and well defined policy designs towards Biafra independence. Meanwhile, it was equally found out that the Eastern Security Network (ESN), has definitely no business on the highways, streets or with security formations and therefore, could not be held accountable for the clashes. 

In fact, sometime ago, when the murderous attacks of the Nigerian armed forces in Orlu, Imo State, became temptous to the Eastern Security Network (ESN), to be drawn into conflict with the Nigerian soldiers, their supreme commander, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu immediately issued an order that they hold their fire and totally withdraw from the streets of Orlu back to their loations of assignment. It is therefore puzzling to yet be greeted with gravely immoral and mischievous statement of a supposed professional Police Chief of a country, to rashly draw conclusion in such a sensitive and explosive matter without conducting  formal investigation.

One thing that is very commonly identifiable with Nigerians is the crass deficiency or the inability to retain elongated memory. It is quite unfortunate that inhabitants of the Nigerian state especially the political hawks/vampires that are shamelessly parading themselves as governors in both the South-East and South-South regions, have completely forgotten so soon, that the dragon flag raised by the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, is yet flying high well above the horizon. For all those individuals who may have forgotten, it was after the despicable Obigbo massacre under the watch of the Rivers State Governor, Barrister Nyesom Wike through the instrumentality of the Nigerian army, that the dragon flag was lifted with the firm promise that it will never be lowered until Biafra nation is unfetteredly restored.

Therefore, it is informatively better to bring to the notice of the global community that the ruthless indigenous dragons across the entirety of Biafraland are at the moment, avenging the many years of police and military brutality perpetrated against the innocent Biafran citizens. The impregnable dragons have only one mandate most seemingly and that is to clinically flush out from the land, all Nigerian government's uniformed criminals that have relentlessly turned their guns and bullets against the innocent. These crude security personnel litter the expressways and streets of Biafraland, extorting overburdened road users of their hard earned resources and killing them with uncut temerity. 

The dragon flag is a spiritual banner of vengeance against an evil government  in the land which is being represented by the gravely compromised uniformed security operatives. It is definitely as good as saying that the unknown gunmen are not mortals but resurrected spirits of the gruesomely killed, during Nkpor massacre of 2016, Ngwa High School massacre in Aba, in 2016, Donald Trump solidarity rally massacre in Port Harcourt, in 2017, Obigbo genocide of 2020, Onitsha Head Bridge massacre of 2015, amongst numerous other mass killings of unarmed, innocent Biafran civilians at different locations all over the land. Unknown gunmen can be rightly said to be the hunted and resurrected former, which have become the unstoppable, invisible and unidentifiable hunter. The Nigerian armed forces should just get readily prepared to dance to the beatings of the drum. The government initiated the danceand there clearly seem to be thick clouds hovering above with looming and unprecedented wave of wailing and gnashing of teeth across military formations in Nigeria.

Written by Ogbuebor Onyebuchi Eze

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International


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