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Mbaka's Prophecy: A Possible Misapprehension Of What The Voice Of God Truely Conveyed.

Mbaka's Prophecy: A Possible Misapprehension Of What The Voice Of God Truely Conveyed. An adage says, “the ways of the gods are not the ...

Mbaka's Prophecy: A Possible Misapprehension Of What The Voice Of God Truely Conveyed.

An adage says, “the ways of the gods are not the ways of men”. Mere mortals who have not learnt to discipline themselves and enquire clearly of the gods, are bound to go home with loads of shame. The Enugu Catholic Priest and Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry, Reverend, Father Ejike Mbaka, is a case study on this.
He had prophecied during the Presidential campaign days of the current Nigerian Pesident, Muhammadu Buhari, that he (Buhari) was a God sent Messiah for Nigerians. Though many Nigerians have questioned the truthfulness of this very prophecy, considering the fact that the government has rather been the worst that Nigerians have had since their flag independence 1960. There might be some elements of hidden truth in it, however.

Like the Bible records, it seems the enthronement of such a government is usually necessary in awakening the consciousness of complacent people when they get comfortable with slavery. The children of Israel were at this point in Egypt when they forgot who they really were, until their God raised a wicked Pharaoh who tormented them, increased their pains and sought to wipe them out. It was in the heat of that very torment that they had a rethink of regarding their true identity, thereby crying to the God of their fathers for salvation. God in responce, sent Moses to save them from the hands of Pharaoh.
Obviously, It is wise to conclude on this basis that if God had sent Moses to them while they still enjoyed their slavery, they would have probably killed Moses.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has been a lonely voice of one crying on the radio since the year 2012, telling the indigenous nations in Nigeria whom they really are, convincing all to realize that the life they live in Nigeria is a life of slavery. He urged them to seek their promise lands via the process of independence. But what did he receive in return by majoring of these people? Scorn and name-callin,; a war-monger they called him, despite the fact that he is truely a man who saw tomorrow. 

Just like in the days of the Israelites, God most likely may have raised Buhari in the likelihood of the wicked Pharaoh to rule Nigerians with an iron fist so that they (Nigerians), could appreciate their messenger of deliverance in Nnamdi Kanu.

* How was that done?

This is the same scenario as in the case of Ahab (a king in ancient Israel) when the Almighty God summoned the spirits and asked how best he could destroy Ahab.
The Bible records that one of the spirits volunteered to accomplish the mission with a lie to deceive the king. It is on this ground that I will not be wrong if I assume that a lying spirit may have likewise inspired the prophecies of Reverend Mbaka, who went on years ago prophesying of Buhari being a God sent Messiah. If not a lying spirit, then it must be a misunderstood prophecy. It could be that when Reverend Mbaka got the prophetic message, telling him that Buhari is God's anointed messiah through whom He would deliver Nigerians from all their problems, he (Mbaka) being a man, did not understand the spiritual meaning of that and did not enquire for the interpretation before coming out to make what he heard public.

This is what I see as the hand of God anyway, to achieve His purpose of enthroning a wicked Pharaoh in the land for His will of salvation to come through. So, Reverend Mbaka is therefore justified on this note. Let us not forget that during the administration of the former Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan, the plan to Islamise all was already being carefully concluded by the Fulanis.
Unfortunately, it was only Mazi Nnamdi Kanu that foresaw it and has been crying about it, but no one listened until now that it has almost become too late.
The Fulani Oligarchy had under Goodluck Jonathan's government, acquired lands in all the 36 states of Nigeria for RUGA settlements without the populace taking notice of the implications. It was this achievement that emboldened the Fulanis to remove Goodluck Jonathan and put one of their own to build these settlements with federal government funds and set the indigenous people up for total annihilation and islamisation. 

Reverend Mbaka only played a role in enthroning this Pharaoh kind of a President like Buhari. This enthronement has really been what led to the speedy awakening of the indigenous populations to demand their lives back, which would have been taken from them in the guise of one Nigeria without their knowledge.

Judas Iscariot in the new testament section of the bible, betrayed Jesus Christ not knowing that he was actually fulfilling a prophecy. Now that the people have awakened, thanks to the consistency of that voice on the radio waves, Mazi Nnamdi kanu.
Let all indigenous peoples unanimously move now and destroy this evil empire called Nigeria before Nigeria destroys everyone.

Conversely, Buhari is a “messiah” indeed! He has by his hands, virtually destroyed all that held the people in the bondage of “One-Nigeria". He has equally brought about a total overhauling of everything as prophesied by Reverend Father Mbaka which are gradually unfolding.

This has given light to the cries of Mazi Nnamdi kanu, winning him a lot of followers as the Moses and light of Africa in totality.
Truly, the ways of God Almighty is not and can never be the ways of mortals.

Written by Chukwuemeka Okechukwu

For Family Writers Press International


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