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Opinion : IPOB/ESN, Not Responsible For The Attacks In Biafraand

 IPOB/ESN, Not Responsible For The Attacks In Biafraand  It is important to emphatically state once again, that the Indigenous People of Bia...

 IPOB/ESN, Not Responsible For The Attacks In Biafraand 

It is important to emphatically state once again, that the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), is a peaceful movement and do not in any way, bear arms. Eastern Security Network (ESN), being a security outfit, does bear arms but their sole responsibility is to flush out Fulani killer herdsmen (terrorists), out from the bushes, forests and farmlands in Biafraland. Therefore, both the IPOB and ESN cannot be held culpable for the attacks being unleashed on police personnel and stations within the South-East region, etcetera.

There have been so many attacks on the Nigerian police in both the South-East and South-South including in the northern region which have resulted in the death of officers and men. Police stations and operational vehicles have equally been destroyed or burnt down. The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), do out-rightly condemn these attacks in totality. Her method of agitation for Biafra restoration remains essentially peaceful. The body is not after the life of anybody, not even the Nigerian police personnel as the grossly compromised Nigerian media has repeatedly published. 

IPOB launched the Eastern Security Network (ESN), solely for the purpose of safeguarding the entire Biafraland territory from the ravenous incursion of Fulani terrorists that has bedeviled the regions. The Eastern Security Network (ESN) does not operate in towns and cities, but in the bushes and forests. This indigenous security outfit has no business whatsoever, in the streets and so, cannot be held accountable for the police killings or the burining down of their stations.

The Nigerian media should show some level of professionalism in it's reportage. It should always carry out investigative journalism to accertain the real issues instead of pointing accusing fingers at the innocent. Over the years, the Nigerian government has out of hatred, marginslized the people of the Eastern region. They have willfully been killing them, denying them their citizenship rights and gravely impoverishing them. Now, the people have boldly risen up to say that they are no longer feel safe belonging to Nigeria.

Biafrans across board are saying enough is enough. They are agitating for self-determination and the Nigerian government is labelling them secessionists and has further proscribed them as terrorists. Labelling them terrorists for legitimately placing demands for their independence through peaceful protests on the streets, is most callous and despicable. Terrorists for just only carrying placards and waving Biafran flags?

Former Nigerian despotic President, Sani Abacha once stated that "if insurgency lasts for more than forty eight (48) hours, then the government is involved in it". So the Nigerian government should find those responsible for the attacks and killings of the police personnel and burning down/destruction of their operational vehicles and stations. These ongoing desperate games and acts of cowardice should stop.

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), remains and yet retains her stance on arms-free struggle. Asking for a referendum is not asking for war. The government should  thoroughly investigate and apprehend all those responsible accross the land and stop mortgaging the lives and properties of the people. IPOB and ESN are not in anyway, terrorist groups as being potrayed by the powers that be and their criminally compromised media houses.

Written by Samuel Uchenna


Edited by Vivian Ezihie

Family writers press International.


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