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The Struggle For The Freedom Of Igbo Nation, A Herculean Task

The Struggle For The Freedom Of Igbo Nation, A Herculean Task Igbos are killing Igbos! Yes, you heard me and I will say it again over and ov...

The Struggle For The Freedom Of Igbo Nation, A Herculean Task

Igbos are killing Igbos! Yes, you heard me and I will say it again over and over, without apologies. The Fulanis, killing Igbos is only made possible because thd Igbos are providing the necessary assistance and support. Nigerian soldiers are Killing the Igbos even in Igboland is made possible because thd Igbos themselves who are Governors, invited them and gave them the go ahead order. Ikonso, the Imo State commander of the Eastern Security Network (ESN), was killed based on the conspiracy of his fellow Igbos, with his governor, Hope Uzodimma, giving the support and authorization.

Today, we are witnessing the greatest HYPOCRISY and sabotage of our time, being perpetrated by our own brothers in the media houses, writing all manner of junks and destructive articles against their own people. If you are in doubt of this, just go and verify. You will be disappointed at most of the articles published by Premium Times, The Nations Newspaper, Channels Television, Punch Newspaper, Vanguard News and Sahara Reporters. These media houses have most destructive and disgusting articles, written by either Igbomen or Igbowomen, grossly compromised to ridicule and sellout their own people. Why are we like this? Why are we delightedly fishing out evil to ourselves? Why are we destroying ourselves? 

Uniformed Igbo police officers and men are pleasurably destroying their brothers and sisters. Igbo politicians are falling over one another, destroying their own people whom that are meant to be ably represented. But they have very shamelessly, become the enemie, serving the interest of the Fulani oligarchy. Sokoto caliphate is joyfully supervising the destruction of the lives of the Igbos using Igbo political elites as willing tools to accomplish their desire. Why this selfishness among the Igbos?
Our governors are killing their own brothers to equally please their Fulani overlords with bitter hatred just to curry favor from them notwithstanding the long term consequences. Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State had boasted of Killing the family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), who are his own brothers and sisters. He also stated that he was going to do it over and over again simply because of the crass interest of the Fulani Caliphate. This is really becoming most disgracing, unbearable and nauseating precedence that must be confronted. Very  thankful to Chukwu Okike Abiama (God Almighty) today, for the emergence of the "Unknown Gunmen" who have come to dispense justice by giving them back what they secretively planned for their fellow Igbos. We must also note that we are in this struggle for freedom all together and we need to fight alongside each other as one. “Onye aghana nwanne ya” (Abandon not your own)!

Written by Samuel Uchenna

Edited by Favorite John

For Family Writers Press International


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