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Nigerian Christian Leaders Should Uphold The Mechanism Of Self-Defence

Nigerian Christian Leaders Should Uphold The Mechanism Of Self-Defence The mediocre silence being blatantly exhibited by Nigerian Christian ...

Nigerian Christian Leaders Should Uphold The Mechanism Of Self-Defence

The mediocre silence being blatantly exhibited by Nigerian Christian leaders in the face of bizarre killing of their members especially in Northern Nigeria, is to say the least, most disappointing. This is one prime reason behind the extension of such vampiric insanity to the Christian population in the South, on successive basis. Presently, there exists genocide in Imo State as freely been perpetrated by the Nigerian military based on the authorization of the Federal Government. This stems from their esteemed desire, to completely eradicate all the indigenous Christian citizens in this part of the country, particularly within the South-East region, for eventual Fulani domination. Everybody has now come under hypnotic silence, not even the Church (Christian leaders), are exempted. They seem helplessly boxed to a corner with great dread, enveloping them. They have not been courageous enough as a body, to strongly question the government, pertaining the import of it's genocidal drive against the innocent. And just like what transpired in ancient Turkey when the Christian leadership callously repudiated their spiritual responsibility, both Christianity and Christian values were obliterated, paving the way for the alternate religion that has enslaved everybody therein till date. The Nigerian Christian leaders seem to be replicating that same Turkish experience today by hypocritically tucking their voices in defence of the oppressive regime in Nigeria.

Even the bible is clearly replete with ordained "violence-related" experiences for those of the old times which should serve as examples that we can learn from. Nigerian Christian leaders are unperturbed with the sufferings and killings of even their own members and that is why, instead of firmly and unitedly standing up to condemn these evil and oppressive atrocious actions, they remain hell bent, defending the indefensible analogious lies. Everyone is today, applauding the feat of the Israelis' defence mechanism/prowess against terrorism but conversely negate a very glaring fact. The indigenous people of Biafra need to also apply similar measures in the defence of their lives, ancestral homes and properties. In Biafraland, we are at the crossroads of survival, trying to defend our lives and that of the upcoming generations. All avenues for us to have peace and freedom as humans, seem to have proven fruitless even in the midst of gruelling oppression and deprivation.

All Christian faithfuls therefore, must have to rise up in their ranks and vehemently defend their rightful cause to exist and live above ethnic bias for the survival of their heritage. We must look beyond the disgusting silence of the Christian leadership that shamelessly, seem to have defined mediocrity as a way of peace. A life lost, is irreplaceable but such can also be preserved if we can collectively place our  priority right. Self-defence is not a crime known to any law and like the nation of Israel is consistently doing with the existence of the best technology and self-defence mechanism, so should Nigerian Christians, apply the scripture which says that: "the violence taketh it by force". This must wholistically be adopted in the defence of our God-given heritage, even physically too. With God Almighty on our side, we shall never prevaricate neither shall we  give up our homes and lands to the government of scourgy elements of terror.

Written by Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International


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