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The Shame Of Inactive Leadership In Southern Nigeria

The Shame Of Inactive Leadership In Southern Nigeria The only reason why the Fulani oligarchy has consistently rubbished the integrity of th...

The Shame Of Inactive Leadership In Southern Nigeria

The only reason why the Fulani oligarchy has consistently rubbished the integrity of the Southern leaders' meeting that was held a fortnight ago at Asaba, Delta State, simply hinges on the clear betrayal of the people's collective interest by few political opportunists. The Fulani controlled Nigerian Government, sees the Southern Governors as galvanised traitors rather than servant-leaders of their own people. They see them as willing tools that are totally bereft of the progressive control of the destinies of their people. The Fulanis with their glamorized terrorists known Miyetti Allah, have over the years, been emboldened to carry on with their atrocities through the nauseating silence of the Southern leadership. They have resolved within their political and geographical regions to always call the shots, the resultant consequences nonetheless.  Without any significance to the leadership of Southern Nigeria, the Fulanis have persisted in their insolence of the integrity and intelligence of the Governors of the South most particularly, as it concerns their recent "Asaba 17 Accord".

When the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) held protests across Biafraland, none was in a panic mood to get his/her business shutdown simply because everything was absolutely conducted in a peaceful atmosphere. Yet the so-called intellectuals could not proactively reason beyond their noses. They revolutionalized jealousy and greed well above reason and decency. They attacked their own people so as to cushion the interest of their Fulani slavemasters. They    mischievously defended the oppressors who without provocation, unleashed varying degrees of vaparism against their own kits and kin. The oppressed who were justifiably fighting for the better future of all, were labeled miscreants and jobless youths. They woefully failed to question why these vilified youths yet remain jobless. The Nigerian oppressive government was aided in it's despotism by this set of sellouts due to crass egocentric interests. They mortgaged every sane reasoning for the annihilation of the Biafran youths. The governors pleasured in the proscription of their own, not knowing that they indeed, succeeded in extending the barbaric display of compliance to freedom of speech and association to their leadership status. Today, the Fulani controlled government of Nigeria, has openly desecrated the altar of the sacred leadership of the South as well as, spat on the sensibility of the indigenous civilian populace of the region. And while the South-East governors provided the platform for the proscription of the indigenous citizens of Biafra for legitimately demanding for their rights to self-determination, in connivance with the Nigerian compromised media, Biafraland has been skewed with the blood of the innocent. This was being orchestrated in a bid to suppress a selfless agitation for unfettered freedom. All hell was let loose on the peaceful indigenous population for daring to stick out their necks. We recall most emphatically today, the woes being relentlessly visited on the people while we watch the Nigerian media especially of the South-West, defending without ado, the agitation of the citizens of Yorubaland. In pains and sorrow, we lost men, women and children because of our demand just like the Yorubas, for the peaceful dissolution of this "slave camp" called Nigeria, via a referendum.

The leadership of the Fulanis under the umbrella body of Miyetti Allah, that is in charge of the killer herdsmen, has equally and so blatantly disregarded, the rule of law/constitutional rights that are aimed at restoring peace within various states and communities in the country. They have brazenly denegrated the integrity of law abiding indigenous citizens while despicably, rejecting the ban on open grazing which has already been taken care of in the court of law since 1967. Fundamental crises and genocide being perpetrated by the Fulani cattle herders in the Southern regions for over a decade now, began due to the imposition of cattle by the herdsmen on the farmlands, bushes and forests of the indigenous citizens. They callously destroy cash crops worth millions of naira without recourse. Instead of abiding by the ban on open grazing as sanctioned by the law, the Nigerian government in it's subtle blackmail, decided to employ the services of the media, to shamelessly tag it "farmers-herders" clash at the expense of the lives and properties lost. In an antogonistic show of dominance and insanity, the Fulanis have not even at first instance, denied their involvement in the continued mayhem levied against the indigenous citizens who are being exterminated in their own ancestral homes just because they are rightly putting up defense for their survival.

It is presently evident that all the wangling of friendship extended from the Northern Fulani leadership, is just a pure circumstantial charade. Despite all the insults from the Northern Fulani leadership against the ground breaking meeting of the Southern governors, there appear to be an absence of well worded, intelligent refutal. While the Northern governors tacitly put up defense for their own people even their array of known terrorists, the Southern governors seem tucked in without any definitive statement aimed at shielding their own. We must all together, rise up above ethnic and tribalistic divide if we must synergize for progressive advancement. If our lives, lands and heritage must be defended, we must forge a common front. This is the set time to activate Southern unity and potency. Yes, we can!

Written by Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International

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