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Double-Faced Fulani Cabal Draconian Measures, Are Bonkers

Double-Faced Fulani Cabal Draconian Measures, Are Bonkers    Scholars have argued on several fora, that the Fulanis (without cynicism to the...

Double-Faced Fulani Cabal Draconian Measures, Are Bonkers 

Scholars have argued on several fora, that the Fulanis (without cynicism to their Arabic descent), are not smart enough to run a twenty-first century government. This assertion has witnessed a deluge of attacks from the woke corporations and celebrities whose established financial links to globalists are open secrets, (those whose profit racketeering is rooted in conflicts. For example, the billionaires became stupendously rich while the middle-class incurred losses and in most cases, lost businesses built painfully and patiently over a decade as the pandemic peaked).  
It is clear who is running Nigeria on Fulani behalf from the time of the incomplete decolonization through the MI6 convincing of Chukwuma Nzeogwu, to lead their coup to this moment. It is why a nomadic tribe from the Sahel that is hell-bent on conquering all indigenous tribes in Nigeria, is greenlighted while the victims of their atrocious acts, who are majorly Judeo-Christian adherents, are shamed by the world league of mainstream media for the simple reason that free access to Biafran oil and gas, is the bedrock of British foreign policy. 
However, while the Fulanis make a pretense of being in charge, let us highlight their double faced dictatorial policies that are bonkers: 
(a) There exists more or less, six terror groups in the North, killing the indigenous tribes of Gbagi, Nupe, Bachama, Beron, Jukun, Idoma, Hausa, Tiv, etcetera. Meanwhile, the combined team of Nigerian security forces are in Biafraland unleashing mayhem on defenseless civilians. 
(b) While the Fulani cabals claim that the Fulani herdsmen are foreigners, the same people are killing indigenous tribes and claiming their lands under military protection. At the same time, the National Identification Number (NIN) has been tailored to make them citizens while exposing the data of the indigenous people to a terrorist sympathetic National Communications Commission (NCC) Director-General, Isa Pantami. 
(c) At the time that the late Buhari (who was never scripted or shy of the media), campaigned during Goodluck Jonathan's administration, Twitter and of course other social media, were flooded with despicable, untruthful materials from Buhari and his campaign organization, totally critical of President Jonathan. It is the height of idiocy for the greatest beneficiary of social media, to ban Twitter. Machiavellian law explains that as a trait of a tyrant. 
(d) The most chilling of the draconian policies is the announcement by Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC), that Nigerians must give up their International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI). This is not even practiced in communist China where the government surveils the citizens. With that in mind, it is now obvious that the digital footprint of every Fulani presidency critic is required for a witch-hunt. 
In conclusion, aside these fiats being bonkers, these executive orders are unprosecutable because they have no legislative or judicial back up. An executive order shall not be allowed absolute operation unless we have surrendered to a despot. The indigenous people must all rise up to the reality of Fulani hegemony. A word is enough for the wise! 
Written and edited by Chibueze Daniel 
For Family Writers Press International

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