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True To Their Radical Islamic Ideology, The Fulanis Blame Others For Their Boondoggle Choices

True To Their Radical Islamic Ideology, The Fulanis Blame Others For Their Boondoggle Choices   Nobody was a better proponent of restructuri...

True To Their Radical Islamic Ideology, The Fulanis Blame Others For Their Boondoggle Choices

Nobody was a better proponent of restructuring than I was before 2019 general election (selection?). On 17th October 2018, as a guest columnist on daily Sun Newspaper,  I made a strong case for restructuring with an article titled “VP SLOT, ATIKU AND SOUTH-EAST.” 
Fearing that the outcome of the 2019 election was already pre-determined, for the record, I joined my voice to those of the non-political and honest advocates looking for a win-win. The ascension to the political throne, in 2015, was followed by an up thrust in violence visited on the indigenous tribes on the table leaving the Fulani as the only tribe with full access to the seats at the table. It must be pointed out that the inaction of both domestic and international actors left the Fulani with no reason whatsoever to consider any suggestion or demand, other than their quest for blood – blood of baboons and dogs!  
Barack Obama did a maximum damage through his chief strategist, David Axelrod. History will forever be unkind to him. It was shocking, in 2015, to hear Northerners (non-Fulanis and non-muslims with Muslims) parrot the divide and rule talking points of David Axelrod's lobbying firm which was holding fort for APC, while I was coming from Jos end route Abuja; deflecting blame from Fulani for Boko Haram carnage in the North and placing them on President Jonathan. Well, with the demand for a Middlebelt (Kwararafa) Republic, it’s clear that they now understand that it was Obama doing British propaganda job albeit too late. 
One of the things taught by history is an Islamist's unending pointing of finger and lack of responsibility. They prefer to pass the buck and play the victims' card for their monstrous creation and self-serving expedition. As an example, Islamists blamed the crusaders even though Jihadism was the reason for its creation. Islamists blame the Jews for rising up and defending themselves. The same way Fulani Islamists blame Biafrans for setting up Eastern Security Network (ESN), for the defense of their homeland. 
Fulanis, as good students of radical Islamism, have learned the art of blame game. They have taken it up via another notch with the following: 
(a) That letter from the Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) to Emir of Kano, Alhaji Aminu Bayero, is a must read and a red flag. The Fulani group (There is no coalition in the group), is blaming Biafrans for their self consuming hatred, wickedness and poor choices. It is recommended. 
(b) The high illiteracy – especially female illiteracy rate, is a widely known time bomb ticking. That as well as the Almajiri policy is blamed on Biafrans (Of course when South is mentioned, we know who they are referring to), by people who have run the country from its inception. 
(c) We all know the genesis of terrorism and insecurity in Nigeria. However, the Fulanis are shaming and blaming the victims of their terrorism and the people asking for referendum (those they incorrectly refer to as secessionists), for the failed state status of Nigeria. 
It is not the intention of this writer to exhaust all the blames oozing from Fulani Islamists. Rather, the intended outcome is to stir conversation and make it a part of historical archive. 
To conclude, it is boondoggle to think or have a belief that anything other than complete and total dissolution is needed in Nigeria. The statement, “Divided we fall, united we stand”, has found its exception in Nigeria's situation. Now, the reality of the situation in Nigeria is that logically, it is deductible that “Divided we stand, united we fall.”  Know that and know peace! 
Written and edited by Chibueze Daniel 
For Family Writers Press International

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