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BBC's Gaslighting And The Media Bias Against The Indigenous People Of Biafra

BBC's Gaslighting And The Media Bias Against The Indigenous People Of Biafra The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), is already conf...

BBC's Gaslighting And The Media Bias Against The Indigenous People Of Biafra

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), is already confirming what we know already, concerning Britain which is at the centre of what Nnamdi Kanu is presently going through. Why not? BBC is demonizing Nnamdi Kanu, Eastern Security Network (ESN) and the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). It is justifying the illegal abduction of Nnamdi Kanu, a supposed British citizen. It has to be repeatedly said that the Fulanis do not have the sophistication or craftiness (not even the boldness), of ingenuity whatsoever, without British latitude. 

BBC that is not perturbed about the pronouncement, undeniably attributed to Sheikh Abubakar Gumi and most recently, Nasir El-Rufai, that banditry is business, had their editorial board meet and agree that a calumny from a total loser, Nduka Orjinmo, who was grifting and gaslighting, was fit to run. BBC that is well aware of the social, psychological and emotional eternal damage done to the North of their creation, shamelessly concerns itself with narrative projections of the government engineered crisis in Biafraland. This is far from professional (ethical, civilized) journalism. It suffers from a conflict of interest and selectively dishes out disinformation in a manner resembling the war events of 1967 to 1970.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), is a global mainstream media with a globalist narrative and is really pushing it with utmost alacrity. The ripple effect of this dangerous and bias narrative has trickled down to Nigerian media. They are a terrible bunch of unambitious, uninspiring, lackluster and unsympathetic collection. They are just dissipating energy on preposterous matters. Their shameful and disgraceful destruction of the respected journalistic profession, has been evident in the preferential coziness to the abusers of citizens rights. They have been government’s torch bearers as it massacred unarmed civilians, negotiated with terrorists and recruited them into the military. Incorrectly captioned the killing of people in their homestead and homeland by Fulani herdsmen, as “farmers/herders clash.” 

The Nigerian media is best known as a “gutter media.” It has lost it's name as the “fourth realm.” It has no vibe, no moral compass or principle. It moves with the trend of error. And this trend is usually based on the gesture of the highest bidder. The most stashed brown envelope has it all. It cherry-picks what to report so as not to offend the master – who is always a lawless tyrant. 

It is a fair-weather friend. It can be noisy and socially organized when a gentleman is at the helm (as was the case under Jonathan) or criminally silent and complicit when bigoted despots seize power and rape democracy. They usually talk in hush voices when good people who choose to do something are vilified or deplatformed as was the case with Donu Kogbara an Ogoni and the daughter of, Biafra's UK Ambassador, Mr. Ignatius. S. Kogbara. She was courageous in exposing the atrocities from the camps of Sani Abacha, the devil we knew, and Ken Saro-Wiwa, the angel we knew not. She was thrown under the bus by the Nigerian media with the active support of their international partners.

It is unpardonable what the media is doing. It is better, in the case of the British contraption called Nigeria, for the media to identified and be officially known as APC activists. Perhaps, when another party assumes the presidency, they can change accordingly. 

Written by Chibueze Daniel

For Family Writers Press International

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