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The Brilliant Rise Of ESN, The Abduction Of IPOB Leader And Nigeria's Show Of Shame

 The Brilliant Rise Of ESN, The Abduction Of IPOB Leader And Nigeria's Show Of Shame Right from the time of Buhari's hypocritical te...

 The Brilliant Rise Of ESN, The Abduction Of IPOB Leader And Nigeria's Show Of Shame

Right from the time of Buhari's hypocritical tears of election loss in 2011, to Goodluck Jonathan till date, the indigenous people of the British contraption called Nigeria, have suffered unspeakable and indescribable terror, deprivation, economic stagnation and myriads of experiential backwardness. Only the strong survives and will continuously survive. 

What started as a simple altercation, turned into a really big situation. As was always the case with every cartoon in the western hemisphere when Barack Obama succumbed to the benefactors and beneficiaries of wars that own the military industrial complex, supervised the mainstream media and destroyed Muammar Gaddafi and Libya, the people who were the pawn of their chase game as always, were the innocent Judeo-Christian communities with no internal security structure.

The influx of illicit arms through the porous Northern Nigeria border, became a lucrative business. Allegations of western military operations such as dropping of ammunitions at strategic locations with military choppers, became rampantly reported and were never ever investigated. It is believed that three things are feeding the under-development of the British created Nigeria in particular and Africa in general. Number one is the willingness of our people to serve as enablers to western interests. Number two is the western interests themselves. Number three is the western hatred for us, as a black race.

The deep hatred that the British have for Biafrans (which the Fulanis are well aware of), coupled with the willingness by the Fulanis themselves to serve as tools of neo-colonialism to fulfill British foreign policy, are the woods stoking the embers of violence in Nigeria.

Within the short period of time that the Eastern Security Network (ESN) has existed, it has proven to be a round peg in a round hole. The Fulanis were not given a mandate by their British masters to exterminate enviable Biafrans. Perhaps, Britain was not sure how the orgy of bloodletting would be handled by the Fulanis or perhaps, they wanted an incremental loss of human rights, natural and common wealth. That sluggish disenfranchisement would be more painful and related to slow death. Whatever the case, the coercive implementation of Sharia laws under Obasanjo, the exploits of Boko Haram, the humiliation of former President Goodluck Jonathan  and with the emergence of Buhari, made the Fulanis to go berserk. At first, it was Southern Kaduna and Plateau State. 

Then it spread to Benue State and Southern States of Nigeria. Rape, kidnappings, slautering etal, became daily rituals. There was the prevailing fear that enveloped the land. People could no longer go to farm. After years of long wait and inaction from the political hawks referred to as Governors in Biafraland (so-called South-East and South-South), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu courageously birthed Eastern Security Network (ESN). A legacy and the most disciplined security outfit saddled with the responsibility of flushing from Biafra bushes and forests, Fulani terrorists. ESN has been nothing but colorful in their mandate to the admiration of every indigenous person. 

Nnamdi Kanu stirred the hornets nest with his bold and courageous self determination quest. Having spoken truth to power and as a result unlawfully jailed from 2015 to 2017, it was no surprise then that the Buhari lawless government (which disobeyed several court orders to grant him bail), would send the army to his father's house - a month to his court appearance, to have him kidnapped or killed. His escape was miraculous with over twenty eight (28) civilians in his father's compound, gruesomely murdered. He was born in 1967 (during the time of the defunct Biafra nation) and his birth certificate bears Biafra as his country. He was travelling with a British passport as a citizen. His rendition at Kenya airport without due process is shocking but not surprising. Knowing how Britain plays it's games and the willingness of black people (Africans) to irresistably succumb to white supremacy. 

The ranting by Lai Mohammed, Nigeria's Minister of Information (disinformation), that Nnamdi Kanu lives a luxurious life is a cheap lying game we are too familiar with. Biafrans are too sensitive to be bought by such mendacious mundanity. We already know that Nnamdi Kanu is a person of affluence with modest lifestyle. The damage control press briefing proved that Nigeria has no evidence against Nnamdi Kanu but solely rely on petty gossip and character assassination.

Written by Chibueze Daniel

For Family Writers Press International

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