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The British Game Of Changing Of Narratives

 The British Game Of Changing Of Narratives The year 2020 will, without contest, be remembered as one of the most dreadful years for most pe...

 The British Game Of Changing Of Narratives

The year 2020 will, without contest, be remembered as one of the most dreadful years for most people. The Corona virus rendered many middle and low-income earners unrecoverable by shattering whatever they built for decades and in some cases, their entire life. When the last pandemic occurred between 1918 – 1920, it was named Spanish flu. The naming was, understandably, a reference to it's origin. This, everyone knew and agreed upon. There was no deployment of economic exploitation or official protest from Spain.

 What is worrisome with the present pandemic (this is where it gets weird), is the official sanctioning of United States Institutions – not just Chinese Institutions in trying to defend China. The ignoble economic enrichment was mean, to say the least, but was typical of China. Of course, the Westerners are not angels but there is a marked difference between democracy and communism. The race between the woke corporations and big tech titans who will defend China most, was relatable - as a citizen of a British contraption called Nigeria, but really shocking. What is even worse is that the United States Congress, under Nancy Pelosi, has voted to block the declassification of the origin of the Chinese virus. The US Congress that should be at the top of seeking the truth out to the public, is now teaming up with Communist China to block such a move and criminalize anyone who dares try. For a thing like this to happen in the United States of America, which is the bastion of freedom and hope, portends danger and has a global ripple effect. Whatever happens in US does not stay there. very concerning. 

The eye opening from the pandemic is gigantic. The lesson for the public is the knowledge of the existential threat of a deep state operation that labels every dissent a conspiracy theorist and pushes a gaslighting narrative. It is a method that calls you names at best and at worst, makes you doubt or question your sanity. This is exactly what Britain does with it's business company called Nigeria. Therefore, it is a terminological exactitude to name British operation in Nigeria a deep state operation having all the tenets thereof.

 As a student of history, it is not hard to see the obliteration of and replacement of information by Britain whether it was in renaming Jewish land Palestine (Roman Empire) or the stereotype in tagging the Yorubas as saboteurs and the Igbos as money lovers. Who told you that the Igbos (who have lived for centuries peacefully with the Yorubas), just woke up one day and started calling the Yoruba people a saboteurs? What makes you think that the Yoruba started floating the “Igbo is a money lover” diatribe? If the information surrounding the January 15,1966 coup has been found to have been engineered to sow tribal acrimony – since these stereotypes gained prominence in the aftermath of the coup, who told you that the British having failed to use it to quell the Independence Movement did not up their ante? After all, the British knew that the two tribes hold the key to the door of Blackman’s emancipation and that reality, they are not ready to live with. Instead, just like Herod during the time of the birth of Jesus, they are ready to kill off all the Igbos that dared try to emancipate themselves.

Sadly, from the time of colonialism till date, the blackman has allowed himself to be an instrument of empowering white Supremacy. It is a simple equation to solve – the founders and origin of terrorism and who stands to profit most from it. While this generation of Yoruba and Igbo understand this game, regrettably, Kenya and by extension, Benin republic, have decided to aid and abet a terrorist Fulani tribe, propped by a white supremacist – Britain to continue their strangulation of the blackman. For the sake of the stability of the West African sub-region, no harm should come to Sunday Adeyemo (Igboho) and Maazi Nnamdi Kanu. This game has got to stop. It is game over. To Britain, the time is now to stop this mess and free the blackman to fulfill his God-given potential.

Written by Chibueze Daniel

Edited by Okechukwu Chukwuemeka

For Family Writers Press International

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