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The Salvation Of Sub-Saharan Africa Lies In The End Of Nigeria

 The Salvation Of Sub-Saharan Africa Lies In The End Of Nigeria The very recent attack on the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), Kaduna, by the...

 The Salvation Of Sub-Saharan Africa Lies In The End Of Nigeria

The very recent attack on the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), Kaduna, by the Fulani Islamic terrorists called "bandits", clearly paints the picture of a country in the twilight. That which is at its terminal cancerous stage. But then, it is invariably a redemptive burst  to note that these Islamic terrorists could effortlessly breach the seat of the Nigerian military power despite fortification measures, it is honestly revealing. The handwriting on the wall becomes so obviously learning that some Southern Nigerian Christian soldiers were killed and a couple of others, abducted.

The news about these soldiers honestly, came like a ton of bricks to many and the killings have gradually congealed into a pattern that even worsened everything. And the fire rages on unabated as scores of indigenous land owners particularly,   when innocent youths, men, women and children of Igbo extraction, are being marched daily, to their untimely deaths like lambs for the slaughter. In all these, the Fulanis remain proudly, the commissioned butchers.

Nigeria as a country, has so abysmally degenerated to the point that its innocent, hardworking and seeming helpless citizens, wake up on daily basis to be confronted with one form of terror or another. When they eventually escape the bullets of the Fulani terrorists, they are gunned down by the same Fulani controlled Nigerian security agencies (army, police, etcetera). This is so sadly, the routine experience right in the hands of one Fulani group or the other. These incessant killings nonetheless, aggregate well over two million since the year 2011, have not even one of these murderous criminals prosecuted in any court of competent jurisdiction, let alone any crime. The ones the Nigerian government managed to arrest right in the horrendous act, are  temporarily detained, forgiven and then reintergrated into the society. Some are oftentimes enlisted as officers into either the army or police with greater space and power to carry on with the terrorism agenda under its cover and protection.

This is really preposterous. The Fulani caliphate is the brain behind this misnomer. They feel powerful, invincible and unstoppable. They have seized up virtually all the government institutions that are supposed to serve the entire citizens and contrarily, converted them as tools of oppression against the people. Presently, they have got their foot soldiers on the streets and in the forests across the entirety of Igboland, Yorubaland and every other part of Southern Nigeria and down to the Middle Belt region. These people most assuredly, will not stop in their mad drive until they are marched by force otherwise, they will successfully achieve total islamization and fulanization of the whole country. But so long the native people (indigenous land owners) keep basking in the ongoing euphoria of scepticism and make-believe civilization, the killings will persist and soon, will ratchet up at an ominously breakneck pace. The doggone heifers of Mephistophelian species from the Sahel, are completely soulless, nefarous, inconsiderate and pretty willing, to do the devilish bidding of the Fulani oligarchs towards the islamization and domination agenda targeted against the natives.

If the Southerners fail to arise now and firmly wage this raging war, cries and agony will definitely pervade the land. Igboland and Yorubaland will be littered with corpses of children, youths, mothers and men. The same fate will equally greet those of the Middle Belt and even beyond. But God forbids! In the same manner, the ambush of the soldiers of Southern origin particularly, the Igbo stock, either while on their way to obligated tasks or in an enclosure having special meetings, will definitely triple. Ransoms will be paid as the norm is, to the terrorists either by the Nigerian government or the victims families to no avail. These Fulani terrorists will always go scotfree, roaming the streets, bushes and forests with reckless abandon, nonetheless.

Regardless of the brutalities and deaths, the Nigerian government will always ensure that each of the ugly events, is clinically swept under the carpet of the county's inglorious past and never ever to be resurfaced. That is how Nigeria shamelessly rolls at its very best, carrying out exceptionally, atrocious and unbeatably bloodthirsty adventures within the scope of history of nations. If you were ignorant, do know today that Nigeria is a human abattoir. It reeks of blood with wretchedly odious distinctiveness that gives both the metaphorical and allegorical hell, a recognizable physical reality. It is a country that brazenly kills its non-muslim citizens even to the fetus. This inhumanity can no longer be condoned. The indigenous peoples must arise and grab the bull by the horns!

Nigeria must be deactivated. Biafrans must go. Oduduwas must go. One-Nigeria is definitely a fraud that must no longer be sustained.

It is a hoax and a danger to mankind. It incubates radical Islamic terror crusaders whose fire will soon engulf the entire Sub-Saharan Africa if not countered and eliminated. Christians and Christianity are grossly endangered in this part of West Africa if Nigeria is not permanently put out of its bloody enterprise. And to dismember the country is the only literal option that remains, to finally put a stop to all the Fulani mad orchestration and perpetration of terrorism. All their terror groups will be extinguished off their tracks most assuredly and this is the only veritable way to go.

Written by Chima Ono

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International

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