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The Unscrupulous And Murderous Nigeria Security Operatives

 The Unscrupulous And Murderous Nigeria Security Operatives Our youths, mothers, fathers, young men, ladies and presently, children, are dis...

 The Unscrupulous And Murderous Nigeria Security Operatives

Our youths, mothers, fathers, young men, ladies and presently, children, are disappearing, some without any trace whatsoever, from Biafraland.

Why are the South-East governors and politicians keeping mute? Are there no more people of goodwill in the land apart from the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)? Who are those speaking for the victims of this illegality of the murderous Nigerian security forces?

More and more Biafrans are being abducted unabatedly by the combined team of the Nigerian security on daily basis. Just recently, the story of twenty one (21) years old Glory Okolie, surfaced on the social media. She was kidnapped from her base since Thursday 17th of June 2021, being raped and enslaved by the personnel of the Nigerian police force. 

She was abducted by IRT squad (Imo State) and taken away and her family is being hugely extorted till date in the guise of helping out to facilitate her release. There is no moral, social or  legal justification to the violation of this young lady and her family.

On Sunday 22nd August 2021, evidence surfaced that over twenty (20) youths were whisked away to an unknown destination by the Nigerian security agencies that numbered over thirty (30), with their patrol vehicles.

According to eyewitness, the security agents abducted the young men from Iheorji avenue and Alozie street both in an area of Aba South Local Government Council of Abia State. From the report, two people were shot dead at Ama-elu street by Iheorji avenue while one other, escaped and ran into a nearby church.

Recently, there has been an outcry for one Mr. Ikechukwu Henry Chiegamezu, a media personnel in IPOB Enugu State Media, his wife, children and landlady were all abducted by the combined Nigerian security operatives leaving behind, a newborn baby said to have belonging to Mr. Ikechukwu and his wife, which was just delivered last week. 

A one week old baby? This is indeed gravely inhuman. Have these perpetrators not still heard that guns and bullets cannot quench an ideology? Has it still not come to their realization that their oppressions, suppressions, killings and intimidations of Biafrans and the callous labeling of IPOB/ESN as terrorists, cannot stop the WILL of a determined people? IPOB has remained a peaceful movement. Eastern Security Network (ESN) personnel are in our forests and bushes of Biafra, protecting our land and people from Fulani killer herdsmen and their cohorts. All we want is the freedom of our people. All we ask for, is the security of our land and property.

Written by

Onyemachi Gabriel

Editted by Vivian  Ezihie

For Family Writers International.


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