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All Hands Must Be On Deck And Work Towards Justice, Equity And Defense Of Human Rights---Kanu

 All Hands Must Be On Deck And Work Towards Justice, Equity And Defense Of Human Rights---Kanu As unflinchingly determined as ever, not weak...

 All Hands Must Be On Deck And Work Towards Justice, Equity And Defense Of Human Rights---Kanu

As unflinchingly determined as ever, not weakened by the chains of the Department of Secret Services (DSS) and still in high spirit, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), remains that one man, that Biafrans can never ever mortgage for anything else. This is a fact that the Fulani Oligarchs at the helm of affairs in Nigeria, fully, clearly and instantly need to understand because it will save them the wasteful efforts of delay games. Continuing to hold Mazi Nnamdi Kanu  in detention illegally, is a self-defeatist game which Nigeria will never ever win. And it will continue to spell doom for her as a country.

At this critical time, this Biafra voice of freedom epitomized by Nnamdi Kanu, has echoed again from the DSS dungeon, admonishing Biafrans to have all their hands on deck in pursuant of the one formidable cause which the British company, Nigeria, will never withstand. In a message to Biafrans through his lawyer, Barrister Aloy Ejimakor, Kanu expressed his trust in the system he has built in IPOB as a movement, to "continue working towards justice, equity and defense of human rights". And like he had clearly tutored us since the early days of the IPOB's Biafra freedom agitation, these are exactly the things that will sink Nigeria. Not through the instrumentality of guns and bullets because her foundation as a country, was built on lies, deceit and injustice. The fictitious entity (Nigeria), requires measures that will force it into a reverse reaction and total obliteration. And for the benefit of doubt, this has singularly been the message on Radio Biafra stations transmitted globally. The broadcasts have extensively been engaging humanity on how much harm the continued existence of Nigeria means to Africa in particular and the whole world at large. Apparently, the message is not only gradually revolutionalizing the hearts of men and women of good conscience, but also, inversely sinking the British enclave called Nigeria, into the abyss.

Let Britain and the Nigerian Fulani leadership understand that Biafrans will stop at nothing until their demands are met. These demands are simply the freedom of Mazi Nnmadi Kanu and the independence of Biafra through a referendum. The persistence of injustice, deprivations and blatant infringements on the rights of Biafrans, can never be ignored. We will remain consistent in the application of our superior strategies until our demands are unconditionally met. For months, since the Nigerian government connived with Kenya in the kidnap and extraordinary rendition of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu into Nigerian DSS dungeon where he is presently suffering under dehumanizing conditions. This crime was committed by these two countries against just an individual, not minding that he has the identification of British citizenship. Yet, neither Britain nor any other country of the world has risen to strongly question this abnormality. We know that it was an act aimed at provoking Biafrans into lifting a wrong tool (violence), but we are far clever than all of our enemies put together. As desired and redirected again by Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, we (Biafrans), will remain peaceful as ever and continue to speak the truth in defense of justice, equity and human rights. Eventually, Nigeria will cave in someday, giving way for the emergence of a glorious Biafra nation.



Written by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International

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