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Another Genocide As Nigeria Government Orders Deployment Of Military Hardwares Into Biafraland

 Another Genocide As Nigeria Government Orders Deployment Of Military Hardwares Into Biafraland   It has become so obvious that the fulanize...

 Another Genocide As Nigeria Government Orders Deployment Of Military Hardwares Into Biafraland


It has become so obvious that the fulanized Nigerian Government led by Mohammadu Buhari, wants to toe the same path the Sudanese government adopted when they engaged the Southern Liberation Force (SLF) in two times war that lasted for nearly twenty (22) years from 1955-1972 and 1983-2005, respectively. This later gave birth to the declaration of South Sudan as an independent nation, six (6) years after the wars eventually ended. 

The Nigerian government has been desiring to draw Biafrans along this experience since after the three (3) years of genocidal war which led to the untimely death of over 3.5 million Biafrans (mostly women and children), in the late 1960's. It was an event that would never be forgotten in the history of mankind. All the administrations in the country have since then, continued to engage Biafrans in systematic ethnic cleansing, killing both the innocent and the defenceless and tagging them terrorists. It has become so phenomenal, just to ensure that their population is drastically reduced. Those who may grow up to talk about the freedom of Biafra in future, might somehow fall within the numbers of the many that have been or will yet be assassinated. But one thing to clearly have in mind is the fact that Biafrans do not have any traceable lineage of terrorists. This is widely known and well proven.

There has been a total closure of almost every Igbo Biafran owned factories and located seaports, just to have the Biafran race forcefully subjugated. By this obnoxious policy, they intend to ensure that Biafrans do not attain that which will make them survive economically or as a free people. The office of the President has variously been manipulated off the Igbos, just to ensure that they do not get the mandate to announce their independence from the Nigerian contraption. The Biafran region has been left with virtually no attention from the federal government by design. The previous genocide unleashed on them  which lasted for three (3) good years (1967-1970), was mostly fought on Biafran soil, totally outside the Nigerian territory thereby caging both the Biafran women and children unto death by deprivation and starvation. 

On Friday 27th August 2021, over 25 well stacked trucks were sighted conveying military tankers, armored vehicles, guns and military men into Imo State, Biafraland, where most of the Nigerian government's sponsored atrocities are being  committed against the innocent Biafran youths of Igbo extraction at the moment. They would not let Biafra go nor let them live peacefully in their homeland. It is clearly more obvious that they have concluded plans to openly invade Biafraland this time rather than adopting the guerilla war method they previously used. They want to have the war fought on Biafran soil for the second time since after their shambolic independence of 1960. 

Stockpiling military hardwares and firearms against peaceful Igbo Biafrans in their States, is yet another war threat which a responsible and responsive government should never contemplate doing against the people even in the so-called democracy. If the Nigerian leaders were responsibly sane and enlightened, why would the government withdraw its military forces out of known terror heartland (Northern region) and redeploy same to the South-East where there exists relative peace and calmness?

Aside the fact that the Nigerian government is afraid of Biafrans' exit, the weakness of the military can be vividly seen here. These same Nigerian forces are deadly scared and cannot engage Boko Haram terrorists in fierce gun battles. They sometimes also complain of inadequate military weaponry. And even if they were equipped with all the military ammunition in the world, they would still complain because they are weaklings. They only showcase their military prowess when they see innocent, defenseless Biafrans. They take delight in  massacring the citizens in their homes and on their streets, who can not retaliate even at their point of death. Within the African continent, the Nigerian military ranks 4th not because of its courage and defeat of terrorists at battlefields but truth be told that such was gotten through the relentless murderous killing of the innocent.

If the Nigerian government is not hellbent in eliminating Biafrans, they would not have deployed the military hardwares to Igboland where there exists no war.

To save lives, the international community should act now because Biafrans will not continue to sit down and watch the Nigerian government annihilate them.



Written by Ifeanyi Chibueze James

Edited by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press international.


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