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Biafrans' Freedom Needs More Concerted Effort

 Biafrans' Freedom Needs More Concerted Effort Right from inception, the peoples of both Northern and Southern Sudan were ruled separate...

 Biafrans' Freedom Needs More Concerted Effort

Right from inception, the peoples of both Northern and Southern Sudan were ruled separately under different colonies until 1947 when the British colonial masters merged them together and began ruling them as one colony. But the then Southern Sudanese were afraid of "Arabianization and islamization" of their region by the North and so, they firmly stood their ground against being emerged with the Northern Sudanese.

Southern Sudan  was naturally endowed with mineral resources just like Southern Nigeria while Northern Sudan had no natural resources as at that time just like Northern Nigeria too but the power of the government was with them, just same as the cabals in Northern Nigeria. What happened next was a shock to the colonial masters as South Sudan pressed forth for their independence. 

They engaged Northern Sudan that had refused them exit in a terrible twelve (12) years war from 1955-1972 even before the colonial masters could announce Sudan's independence in 1956. After a ceasefire agreement was met in 1972, the then President of the newly independent nation of Sudan, Gaafar Nimeri, just like the cabals in Northern Nigeria, started closing all the factories and mining companies in the mineral rich cum oil producing South Sudan and relocating them to the barren Northern divide that produces absolutely nothing. The reason was to strangulate them economically and otherwise.

This act of the Islamic centered Northern Sudanese government compelled South Sudan to form a military unit known as the "Sudanese People's Liberation Army" (SPLA) which went to war in 1983 for the second time in their history. This ended in 2005, lasting for ten (10) good years. That is to say, the Sudanese civil war lasted for 22 years in totality, making it the longest civil war in African history. It was in 2011, 6 yrs after, when the war actually ended that South Sudan was pronounced as an independent nation from the Islamic Northern Sudanese government thereby, becoming Africa's newest independent nation.

Nigeria versus Biafra issue is similar to that of Sudan and South Sudan. The South is usually fighting against the Northern islamization agenda. The colonial masters merged Southeastern Nigeria with the North. These are people of different beliefs and origins that ought to have lived separately. Just same dehumanizing experience of South Sudan with North Sudan against their will, just for the interest of exploiting the people's rich natural resources. Critically evaluating the scenario, it can indisputably stated here that the colonial masters laid the foundation for the problems especially rocking black Africa.

Freedom is not given but rather taken and so, what the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is diplomatically doing, is to create global awareness and get Biafrans ready for a long lasting war just like that of Northern Sudan and South Sudan. The 1967-1970 Biafra/Nigeria war does not suffice and that is why eversince then, the "Live and let Live" that Nigeria initiated for peace, had not worked for Biafrans. 

The Islamised Northern Nigeria had never ceased killing the innocent Igbos and tagging them terrorists. They have never ceased using all their military might and weapons against the innocent and peaceful Igbo communities. They have never relented in their drive for the islamisation of the entire geographical areas within Nigeria. These are the reasons why it can be said that Biafrans have not done enough to be freed.

When someone is eager for you to stay with him, he has to be also wholesomely concerned about your wellbeing. In the case of Nigeria, they want Biafrans to stay with them as slaves. Not alive but dead.

With all the military weapons Nigeria is stockpiling in Biafraland, threatening the people with a second time open genocide, soon, there shall be an unprecedented response if care is not taken just in the same manner the Southern Sudanese responded to the Islamic North. If it means going through it for even 30 years without a ceasefire, then let it be. 

The people will never retreat nor surrender because Biafra is their breath and until this is achieved, talking about it will not stop. Biafrans have seen enough of Nigeria and the season will soon unfold if this status quo persists. 

Written by Ifeanyi Chibueze James

Edited by Chukwuemeka Okechukwu 

For Family Writers Press international.

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