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Chiwetelu Agu: A True Igbo man And A Biafran

 Chiwetelu Agu: A True Igbo man And A Biafran Chiwetalu Agu "Whoever the gods want to kill, they first make mad", according to one...

 Chiwetelu Agu: A True Igbo man And A Biafran

Chiwetalu Agu

"Whoever the gods want to kill, they first make mad", according to one common adage. The eminent death of the contraption called Nigeria has been struck with sever madness from the angle of its handlers. Such madness has been exemplified by the various foolish actions of the quota-system Nigerian ‘Intelligence’ agencies. The recent harassment of Chiwetalu Agu, a veteran Nollywood actor, by some barbaric, boorish, churlish and superannuated band of carnivores in human skins and garbed in military regalia, clearly displayed a moment of utter desecration and showcasing of madness. Such jaundiced treatment of this dramatic virtuoso and a human tower of entertainment, violates all canons of human dignity. The question now is, do the Nigerian government and her agencies know what is called dignity?

Such disrespect is unpardonable. And the question is, what offence did Mr. Chiwetelu Agu commit? What justification is in the militarization of Igboland and its concomitant brutalization of the indigenous people? As we know, there is absolutely no justification of any sort behind such a treatment but for the fact that Buhari led government is pouring gravel on which the Igbos would trip and fall. What is being created here is a situation in which to drive its whips of violence and brutality into the very heart of Igboland and to consolidate this plot, Buhari sees the need to demonize the possession of any accouterments belonging to Biafra or the trappings thereof, along with marching orders to crush Biafran adherents, period.

For historical purposes, Chiwetelu Agu is a monument of artistic excellence who has shown nothing but love and patriotism both in his recent public appearances often in the colors of the Biafran flag and in his enduring tendency to help feed the poor and needy. And you would think that his larger than life persona is enough to help inoculate some military discipline into those brutes, but apparently not. This of course, clearly speaks of the totality of politicization and polarization of the Nigerian military, which depicts every sign of irreversibility. Very sad. Above all, when the noise and anger over this whole military epilepsy clears up, the torrential rain will begin; and it has shown its temperament which is just one path, among many others. It intends to roll out its flood. Needless to say that Buhari has accomplished his whole life dreams of disrupting the celestial serenity that has existed in Igboland since the end of the war.

And again, to say that Buhari is not out to do as much damage to Ndi-Igboas he possibly can while in office, is to painstakingly lie to oneself even when the truth could be said effortlessly. He is out to get the Igbos who fight against his fulanization agenda, has been so since the onset of his presidency. Unfortunately, the only Igbos known to have boldly stood up against him and his Fulani Caliphate, are the youths. Most of the Igbo elders, thinktanks and politicians, have long betrayed Igboland for the sake of their bellies. But Chiwetelu Agu is not one of them. He is a true Igbo man, a great Biafran and posterity will forever reference him anytime the issue of Biafra is discussed.

Written by Chima Ono

Edited by Chukwuemeka Okechukwu

For family Writers Press International.


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