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The Real Story Behind The Attacks On IPOB

 The Real Story Behind The Attacks On IPOB The author of 'The Shock Doctrine,' Naomi Klein, emphasized something fundamentally true ...

 The Real Story Behind The Attacks On IPOB

The author of 'The Shock Doctrine,' Naomi Klein, emphasized something fundamentally true - the use of catastrophe by the powers that be, to achieve unquestioned dramatic change. To put it another way, for every crisis, there is someone who benefits; someone who ensures that the crisis does not go to waste. This argument is adequately supported by an Igbo proverb. Ala adighi mma bu uru ndi nze, which means (When the land is in crises, evil individuals benefits from it).

The theological issue in Nigeria began when Abubakar Mahmud Gumi (Sheikh Ahmad Abubakar Gumi is his son), openly challenged the inventive Tijanniya Islamic sect, according to David Hundeyin, an investigative journalist, in his study "Cornflakes for Jihad: The Boko Haram Origin Story." Gumi got the support of Ahmadu Bello, the Northern Premier, five years before Nigeria gained her independence. Prime Minister Tafawa Balewa mismanaged the political toxicity and atmosphere in western Nigeria. By the time the military intervened in democracy, Britain had devised a ''divide-and-conquer policy" that resulted in the genocide of Biafrans (so tragic that no one has been held responsible for the massacre). At the end of the war, Abubakar Mahmud Gumi, Ahmed Idris Nasrredin (the owner of the NASCO conglomerate based in Jos, Plateau State), Yakubu Musa Hassan Katsina, and others, mastered the funding of terrorism by forming the Izala Movement, which prohibits Bidah (Bidah simply means creativity and innovation), and promotes Wahhabism and Salafism (Salaf Wahhabism is a more moderate variant Islamic movement. Both are intertwined).

Both Economic and political concerns impact every American or Western intelligence report — and this is where it gets nasty for them. Deals for Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (the underwear bomber), Ahmed Idris Nasrredin (the owner of NASCO), and others were struck in the interests of western economic and national security. The crucial point to note here is that the Islamists were deferred, whether it was for replacing Nigeria's original flag or walking free after every massacre. Each time this happened, the west's economic stranglehold grew tighter. By the time the genocidal war raged between 1967 and 1970, Britain had advised their selected slaves on the federal side of Nigeria, to assault the Biafran people of riverine districts while dressed in Biafran army camouflage. In WWII, this was a direct trick from the Japanese playbook. This had a significant impact on the Biafran people's unity of purpose.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), had access to the intelligence pool as well as historical information. The East's political operatives could not have been clueless about gerrymandering and other political shady deals. Nnamdi Kanu and them are at odds over this. His communal servant-leadership ran parallel to his propensity for self-promotion in exchange for devotion to the oppressors. The ingredient in the foul-smelling food known as operation python dance and crocodile smile 1 & 2, caused this irreconcilable divergence. Extra-judicial killings of Biafrans are stoked by the egos of local politicians. The government's accusations that IPOB is to be blamed for Biafraland's chaos, are ridiculous. There is already abundant evidence of government involvement in the upheaval in the public domain. The abrupt rush to conclusion, in stark contrast to the backlog of unsolved high-profile cases and the lack of evidence – persuasive evidence, have once again exonerated IPOB.

Another round of jungle justice is on the way, thanks to the beginning of another military exercise codenamed "Operation Golden Dawn." Nigeria is being referred to as a banana republic by some and a failing state by others. This gestapo strategy only serves to strengthen their power. The effectiveness of the "sit-At-Home" as a tactic for holding government responsible, particularly as a form of civil disobedience for election boycotting, is no longer in question. Support for the Eastern Security Network (ESN), might have eased tensions, but it would draw attention to the leadership failure. It will also be in direct opposition to the mandate they have been granted. The South-East governors have prioritized their political careers over the welfare of the people. That single act entailed annihilating ESN by all means necessary. Without any doubt, there is a link between the recent spate of assassinations and their political future. It's really a disgrace! What is Nigeria's government frightened of, and why is the world silent when self-determination is a universal right. Demand for a referendum is never a call for war.

Written by Chibueze Daniel

Edited by Domendu Udochukwu

For Family Writers Press International.


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