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The Upcoming Election In Anambra State Is Unbeneficial

 The Upcoming Election In Anambra State Is Unbeneficial It is time to ask critical questions and tell ourselves the truth. What have we ever...

 The Upcoming Election In Anambra State Is Unbeneficial

It is time to ask critical questions and tell ourselves the truth. What have we ever gained from voting in Nigeria? Can we beat our chests that those we have always voted for have done so well and needed to be voted for again? Can we say that we have always voted for our best candidates? Would we say that those we have always voted for, have always won in the elections or do we vote for Mr. A and Mr. B wins? Taking a critical look at the case of Hope Uzodimma of Imo State, can we truly say that the people voted him in? How far has those men and women in politics helped in the safety of our people? How far have they helped in the socio-economic development of the South-East region? How have they changed the situation of things in Biafraland? How have they represented the people in the government? The list of questions begging for answers is indeed endless.

A lot of innocent people have been arrested by APC-Buhari led Nigerian government who are working day and night to annihilate the entire Igboland with all these so-called elected representatives showing no concern. One of their sons and brothers, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, is in prison for daring to ask for a better life for everyone but these business politicians are yet unperturbed. The economy of the entire South-East is going deeper and deeper everyday into extinction. So, what is it that will motivate anyone into going to the polls to elect another looter, taking into account, their previous years of zero contributions to the lives of the ordinary people even in their own communities?

One thing that is certain is that they all are the same, with the same attitude and character. The only difference is in their names. Another thing is that no human being no matter how good, can function under the fundamentally flawed anti-development and anti-people Nigerian constitution, imposed on us all via a military decree. Fantastically corrupt, demonic, and selfish Nigerian politicians do not care about the welfare and wellbeing of the citizens. 

None would think outside the box to make the youths more productive but instead, these political hawks make them worse by turning them into touts and political thugs. We have had enough from these men. We have endured for a long time from them. It is now our time to let them know that we are tired of being the slaves of those who supposed to be our servants. Let us let them know that without us, the citizenry, they cannot in anyway, get to any political position. Let us let them know that we the people, have the absolute powers. 

If we reject voting them in, we have rejected their subjugation and humiliation. If we reject their election, they will ever respect us and perhaps, invariably consider treating us as fellow human beings.

Written by Chidiebere Obulose

Edited by Chukwuemeka Okechukwu

For Family Writers Press International.


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