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The Impersonation and Blackmail Of IPOB by Nigeria government

 The Impersonation and Blackmail Of IPOB by Nigeria government  The truth cannot be hidden forever! The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) h...

 The Impersonation and Blackmail Of IPOB by Nigeria government 

The truth cannot be hidden forever! The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has been vindicated by the South-East Governors' Forum through a recent press release, concerning the crimes being committed by hoodlums which were wrongly attributed to IPOB. These prior accusations were completely malicious, as there was no investigations and therefore, no evidences to prove it. The Governors' Forum statements as signed by the Chairman, Engineer Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State,  reads:

“We are aware that the insecurity in South-East region has gone beyond IPOB. Cultists, armed robbers and kidnappers have recruited themselves and are using the name of IPOB to be killing innocent citizens. We will not allow this to continue." Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State as well, vindicated IPOB when the group was accused of fomenting a jailbreak in his state. And this was after he had access to reliable security briefings and footages, confirming that attackers were neither Igbos nor Biafrans.

The killing of Ahmed Gulak in Imo State sometime ago was one of those most controversial crimes used by the Nigerian police to justify the killing of over ten (10) young Biafrans in Enyiogugu Mbaise whose offence was merely vandalising an onion truck that fell as a result of bad roads. As usual, the Police attempted to deceptively attribute Gulak's death to IPOB. Thankfully, the Imo State Governor, who is the Chief security of the state and evidently has the knowledge of all security situations in the state also absolved IPOB, and rightly attributing the killings to political squabbles between opposition members. 

These, and more have proven beyond doubts that these Governors are aware of the whole situation and the innocence of IPOB(which is the largest peaceful mass movement on earth currently). But, they chose to remain either indifferent or are part of the whole plot to dent IPOB's image. This is evident on how they previously wastes no time to create press releases, attributing heinous crimes to IPOB, and not minding how many times IPOB have been proven innocent of every accusations levied on the group.

But my question now is, why still leave IPOB proscribed, when you know that the group has been innocent all these while? The injustice meted to the group and her members is difficult to swallow. Yet, she has remained peaceful.  Many see the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as weak, for having no forceful response to the Nigerian armed forces' onslaught against the non-violent IPOB. And till today, Kanu has remained a stabilizing factor, holding Biafrans at bay, from going on all out to carry out revenge attacks on Nigeria.

Several crimes, petty and violent, are also being attributed to IPOB by the compromised Nigeria media and the security. The illegal proscription, detention without trial, incarceration and killings of IPOB members, are abundantly enough reason to fully get into violent confrontation against the Nigerian government. But the group is just patiently waiting and peaceful, watching to see how the sufferings of the Biafran people will be addressed. One thing is sure, no amount of blackmail can stop IPOB from restoring Biafra.

We are watching to see if these Governors and the South-east leaders in general have repented from accusing IPOB wrongly.



Written by

Onyemachi Gabriel

Edited by 

Emma Iwuchukwu

For Family Writers Press International

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