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Understanding The Wisdom Behind The Cancelation Of The Scheduled Sit-At-Home Protest

 Understanding The Wisdom Behind The Cancelation Of The Scheduled Sit-At-Home Protest Quite a number of Biafrans were in shock and dismay, p...

 Understanding The Wisdom Behind The Cancelation Of The Scheduled Sit-At-Home Protest

Quite a number of Biafrans were in shock and dismay, pertaining the cancelation of the almost one week Sit-at-home protest  which was scheduled to run from the eve of the Anambra State Gubernatorial Election, Friday 5th through Wednesday 10th November 2021, by the Directorate of State (DOS) of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). It was really unexpected that the planned protest would be so suddenly called off, contrary to the massive publicity and preparation of the people. Emotions ran high and many angrily voiced out their opposition against the DOS decision. It however, takes great courage, discipline and deep sense of reasoning, to fully come to terms with the wisdom behind such a decision and its timing. Biafrans should understand that IPOB are not fighting physically, but psychologically which forms the ingredients of success and victory. The Nigerian government with its security agencies may have the personnel, the guns and the armories but the people of Biafra, have the wisdom. So the Nigerian government is always being outsmarted in the game.

The Nigerian rulers know that IPOB have really saturated everywhere through the media, with hyper-intelligence and sophiscated mercenaries with which to totally dismantle their lies and propaganda. Hence their resort to the recruitment of philosophers, information technologists and social media influencers for a fight. But their antics were squarely confronted and defeated by Biafrans who are naturally endowed with wisdom and determination. It is with this virtue that the Directorate of State (DOS), proactively decided to call off the exercise to the disappointment of the enemies. Some people have however, called for detailed explanation by the DOS, why such a decision should be taken at the nip of time. Could it be that members of the IPOB leadership, represented by the DOS, have been compromised by the politicians? It was equally argued that the DOS wanted to join hands in killing Biafrans and have sold out the restoration struggle.

Members of the Directorate of State, it should be stated here, just like every other true Biafran, are seriously craving for the unfetted restoration of the nation of Biafra as well as the freedom of her people. They love their leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the principles of the struggle so much so, that thinking about sabotaging the restoration effort, will ever be the last thing that could be contemplated. Moreover, some things are better not said. After graduating from the school of Radio Biafra, under the tutorship of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Biafrans already understood that the country, Nigeria,  and everything it represents, including its leadership selection process, is entirely not their portion. Definitely, they have already concluded before time, to sit at home, to avert being killed or preyed upon by the oppressive system being driven by the murderous, unprofessional armed forces. Our eyes need be opened as a people so that we can appreciate God for the enormity of the work that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the DOS have done as visionary leaders.

1) Recall that the All Progressives Congress party (APC), which houses the Fulani run Nigerian government, laid out master plans months ago, to take over Anambra State. It should not be forgotten too that the Anambra State Independence National Electoral Commissioner (INEC), was assassinated a couple of days before the planned gubernatorial election. Now, the INEC Chairman, the Inspector-General of Police and others that will help facilitate the election, were well on ground. APC did not really bother campaigning because they had hinged their hope on lies and propaganda. By canceling the Sit-at-home protest, IPOB has terribly shattered the evil plots of the janjaweed both in Anambra State and in Biafraland. They cannot adjust easily to the contrary, eleven hours to the exercise.

2) They had planned to destructively rig the election by all means as non-residents and non-registered voters were massively brought into the state. Prisoners, Fulanis, amongst others, were rented and brought in, to perfect their dirty jobs. They also plotted genocide, destruction of properties and all forms of mayhem were lined up for execution through the instrumentality of detachments of security operatives and commissioned unknown gunmen. These well perpetrated, would then be hipped on the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and the Eastern Security Network (ESN). IPOB would then definitely find it difficult to exonerate itself from whatever allegations that would ensue. It should also not be forgotten that the Nigerian media houses would have been pressured too, to widely publish their lies, deception and blackmail. Through this cancelation, every scheme of evil, was punctured and therefore, any crime or criminality recorded therefrom would be blamed on the government and its agents because there was no act of civil disobedience for the media to feast on.

Through this cancelation, IPOB have been able to rebuke and debunk the lies and the propaganda of the APC led federal government planned for packaging, to hoodwink the international community. They would have floated the narrative that IPOB does not care about the people but rather, agitate for individual interests at the expense of the ignorant. They would have so garnished everything with their lies that the killings, destructions and the prevailing economic hardship   that they are blatantly leashing on the people of Biafra, were the orchestration of the IPOB. God be praised that wisdom was brought to bear upon the situation by the DOS. It was clearly stated that one of the reasons behind the cancelation, was the consideration given to the plight of the people, should the sit-at-home protest be allowed. Biafrans will always be cherished and protected and so, IPOB can do all within its powers to achieve these and therefore, cannot adopt policies that will trigger off the killing of their own people nor the destruction of their properties. Not now, not tomorrow, not ever.

4) IPOB have also shown to the world that Biafrans can willingly observe sit-at-home, without force or coercion as the Nigerian government unsuccessfully tried to project. Even with the cancelation, most of the Biafran people still preferred to stay indoors. This further proves that IPOB is just a body that is strongly driving the aspirations of the people. This organization is the people undoubtedly revealed or represented.

5) Let it not also be forgotten that the Nigerian government is yet trying so desperately, to convince the global community that IPOB is a terrorist organization and are the masterminds of the gruesome killings and wanton destructions that have ravaged the South-East region. All these are lies. They really wanted to use the Anambra State guber election to advance their satanic agenda and the media were waiting on the wings to publish their falsehood. And if the sit-at-home had materialized, that would have been a perfect opportunity  to play their hands. Every attention was focused on Anambra State both nationally and internationally and we understood too that even the Government of the United States of America, had threatened visa ban on all those officials/politicians that would cause violence during the election. If they had succeeded in getting any of the civilized nations internationally, into believing that IPOB is a terrorist organization, that would have spelt doom for Biafrans as they would not hesitate to lend credence for possible military invasion of Biafraland. Any trouble therefore that is being caused in the light of the above, the Nigerian government will be held accountable.

6) By DOS stating that it considered the plea of Biafraland traditional rulers, religious leaders and elders in a communique, proves that IPOB wanted to explore all peaceful and diplomatic channels to achieve their goals which revolve around the unconditional release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu from detention and the securing of a date for a referendum. As the communique pleaded on both the IPOB and the Nigerian government to de-escalate tensions and get committed to peaceful resolution, it is then clear that the IPOB have played their own role creditably. The cancelation of the sit-at-home civil protest as the communique requested, has been duly respected but if the Nigerian government fails on its own part, the world would then know that it is the Fulani oligarchy and their cronies that truncated everything. IPOB is a peaceful organization and should therefore, not be blamed when there is a breakdown of public peace. In fact, the press statement issued about the cancelation, encompasses all points of deep concern. It is only the ignorant and the enemies of Biafra freedom that would fall short of the commendation of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the DOS, for coming up with such a wise decision that has invariably dismantled the evil plots of the Biafran enemies.

Written by Ogbuanu Ukwu 

Edited and published by Family Writers Press International.


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