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Biafra: British Inclined Supervision Of Bloodsucking Field

 Biafra: British Inclined Supervision Of Bloodsucking Field One of the greatest lies of all times is the notion that Britain means well for ...

 Biafra: British Inclined Supervision Of Bloodsucking Field

One of the greatest lies of all times is the notion that Britain means well for anyone other than the Buckingham throne. The British legacy is one of the lies and double standards. Other than this, they have no standard at all. For instance, they peddle information about how Africa is corrupt while conveniently suppressing the right information about how western countries, including United Kingdom, are safe haven for storing stolen African revenues by their friendly and anti-people dictators.

The United Kingdom is the true axis of evil. Notorious for exploiting weaker countries to supply enormous wealth to the queen. This was exemplified in the colonial abuses, and in the case of Nigeria, an incomplete decolonization, and deception. This led to the enthronement of Tafawa Balewa – a lackey and dictator. A progeny of Ahmadu Bello. A clannish, religious bigot outstanding for his pre-independence verbal incitement and divisive actions; a perfect candidate in the mould of Othman Danfodio, an Islamic jihadist. 

To sustain Buckingham palace, Britain encouraged genocide against the people of Biafra between 1967 and 1970. United Kingdom was scared to death of Biafran intelligence and negotiating skill. Fearing it may not get a fair deal in their quest to have access to the oil and gas in Biafraland, they deployed their two sinister skills: the art of raising false alarm and the art of divide and conquer. They lied to the world that another Japan was in the offing while reminding the minority of the ill-conceived Willinks Commission. An assignment more suited for the North. A region where a Fulani minority was/is riding a roughshod over the majority (Hausa) and other minority tribes.

Nigeria was the only British colony with a British Governor-General on the eve of independence. This was done, in all intent and purpose, to keep the South and especially Biafraland, under perpetual external control. This anomaly ensured British involvement, from behind-the-scene after independence. After the war, Biafraland has become an occupied territory. What the British colonial government started by killing 21 miners in Enugu, on November 8, 1949, for demanding an increase in salary and sweeping it under the carpet, is now normalized. Fulani controlled military, of course under the instructions of the United Kingdom, and her sister agencies like Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Civil Defense, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Custom and Immigration, are in a competition of who will kill more Biafrans than the others. 

Apart from the unending long stretches of checkpoints, where a Biafran can be killed for not giving as little as fifty naira, there is now brazen shooting of unarmed villagers and arson. This ugly trend involves house to house search, kidnap, disappearance and torture for false confession. While all these are happening, we saw Catriona Laing (British High Commissioner) in Nigeria, gallivanting across the country in a manner inconsistent with her designation. Why is United Kingdom relishing the exploitation of Africa? Why is Britain displaying racism towards Africa? Why is the United Kingdom showing double standards by conducting referendum for Scotland but encouraging violence over the same demand from Biafrans? These questions are seriously begging for answers and all men of good conscience must as a matter of fact, seek a redress for this kind of double standards being displayed by Britain while still claiming to stand for justice and democracy.

Written by Chibueze Daniel

Edited by Chukwuemeka Okechukwu

For Family Writers Press International.


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