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Nigeria: The Giant Disgrace Of Africa

 Nigeria: The Giant Disgrace Of Africa  Biafrans do not want to co-habit with Nigerians. They want to live in their own home and rightfully ...

 Nigeria: The Giant Disgrace Of Africa 

Biafrans do not want to co-habit with Nigerians. They want to live in their own home and rightfully so, who in his right senses would want to be in a terrorist ravaged, injustice perverse state like Nigeria? Just like a tree, no matter how big and old, it becomes a danger to its immediate surrounding when it starts decaying from the inside. It is only a matter of time before the wind brings it down. 

With all the resources in Nigeria, what does it have to show? Nothing, except terrorism, poverty and corruption. Even government officials are terrorists, negotiating sweet deals for cold hearted killers, receiving child rapists in government house, all in the name of repented Boko Haram terrorists and former Chibok girls abductors, sampling Islamic state flags at the state house, amidst all manner of ills that have befallen Nigeria. And just like HIV and cancer, there is no cure, instead, other sicknesses continue to attack the country, complicating and killing it slowly. 

Sectors that are vital to the growth of the economy are being used in Nigeria by government officials to enrich themselves and impoverish the populace. Public servants in high places do not even send their children to Nigerian schools nor patronize financial institutions in the country as they well know the risks involved. 

The judiciary is unreliable and has become a tool for leaders to further their domination of the people. No one trusts the health sector, not even the President Buhari, himself. 

Billions of dollars are always being pumped into these and other sectors but virtually nothing beneficial to the generality of the people, to show for it. 

Remember that David Cameron, former British Prime Minister, while in office, said that Nigeria was fantastically corrupt. Nigerians and their President agreed with him. 

No good news comes from Nigeria anymore. It is always sorrow, tears and blood. State and none state actors operate with impunity. People are regrettably trapped in Nigeria. They must go home to experience freedom. Some travel to distant lands, through all sorts of legal and illegal means to live like normal human beings. 

Biafra must be free to give Biafrans a sense of safety and ownership! They say that home is really the place where the heart is! Half of the population trapped in Nigeria wants to go home! They are unproductive and will only come alive when they get home. 

Written by Cindy Etuk

Edited by 

Emma Iwu

For Family Writers Press International.


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