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The Occupancy of Biafraland By The Nigerian Army Shows Lack Of Professionalism And Discipline

 The Occupancy of Biafraland By The Nigerian Army Shows Lack Of Professionalism And Discipline At the dawn of the premeditated coup d’etat s...

 The Occupancy of Biafraland By The Nigerian Army Shows Lack Of Professionalism And Discipline

At the dawn of the premeditated coup d’etat supervised by Yakubu Jack Gowon and Theophilus Danjuma for the Fulanis, no fewer than three hundred (300) military officers and thousands of unarmed civilians died gruesomely. They neither planned, participated nor supported the coup. The crime committed by the people were to come from a certain part of the country (Southern Nigeria) or a particular tribe (Igbo/Biafra). The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), peddling of information to harm Biafrans, contributed in no small measure to the mayhem, yet there is no justification for the brazen hate displayed by the Fulanis.

Gut wrenching graphic videos abound of how the Fulani controlled Nigerian army, raided towns and villages, killing, maiming, raping and forcing into marriage, of young Biafran women after making them watch the execution of their spouses, in the years the war lasted and as Nigeria drew strength from Britain. Biafra slumped and groped in darkness in search of help that never came because the world abandoned the people in  preference to material things over morality. The  United Kingdom  of course, supervised it and rallied international support.

At the end of that ugly era, the Nigerian army was possessed by a powerful bloodsucking demon that defied every exorcism. Murtala Mohammed, a war criminal, ran a military dictatorship that was short-lived. It was under Olusegun Obasanjo, his replacement, that Fela’s mother was thrown down from a building resulting in her untimely death. The mindset that they are overlords did little to put them on the path of the rule of law even under Shehu Shagari, a supposed democratically elected President. The display of military rascality under tyrant Buhari in the mid-eighties is a child’s play compared to what we are witnessing now.

The unhinged and irredeemable army plagued and haunted by victims of Odi, Zaki Biam, and so on, have nothing left. The unethical change from a national to a tribal army was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. All the years of brutality to the citizens have turned them to weaklings incapable of defeating terrorists ravaging the North. Instead, they move Southward, flexing muscles. Starting from the year, 2015, till date, unarmed citizens have been murdered in Emene (Enugu), Igweocha (Port Harcourt), Aba, Onicha (Onitsha), Nkpor, Ahaba (Asaba), Abakaliki, Owerri, Izombe, Mgbowo (Enugu), Orlu, etcetera. Even though the list is endless, it must be mentioned that the people of Atta Njaba and their king, are the latest victims. The only missing indicator between then and now is that the Fulanis have full control of every security portfolio, which should worry every reasonable person.

At the time of writing this article, the shameless army of occupation has discovered an improvised explosive device (IED), without any shred of evidence, claiming that the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), a peaceful and non-violent organization asking for referendum, is responsible. An army running away from the North-East, the hotbed of terrorism, and deploying assets to the South, especially the Eastern region, militarizing a peaceful environment can not be taken seriously. The allegations levelled on the Eastern Security Network (ESN), by the compromised Nigerian army lacking professionalism and discipline, is to say the least, most laughable! 


Written by

Chibueze Daniel

Edited by Onyebuchi Eucharia O.

For Family Writers Press International.


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