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Do not allow IPOB Destabilize and Disintegrate Nigeria--Northern Group Tells Presidency

 Do not allow IPOB Destabilize and Disintegrate Nigeria--Northern Group Tells Presidency  The statement above is credited to The Concerned N...

 Do not allow IPOB Destabilize and Disintegrate Nigeria--Northern Group Tells Presidency 

The statement above is credited to The Concerned Northern Forum(CNF). As it reads, the northern group in question is demanding that the president of Nigeria or presidency do whatever humanly possible to stop the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB), which they claim is destabilizing and attempting to disintegrate Nigeria.

This in simply terms, goes a long way to demonstrate how poorly and uninformed the thinking abilities of those that make up this northern sect are.

It is out rightly malicious for any person or group to call for the inhibition of IPOB's activities, and worst so, when it is clinged on the frivolous claims of damages or destabilization of any sort in Nigeria.

The country Nigeria is already destabilized beyond repair, not by activities of IPOB, but that of selfish leader's and sponsors of several terror groups, mostly from the Northern part of the country. Yet, people from the same North are the ones trying to make the public see IPOB as the problem of Nigeria.

IPOB, ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is currently the largest and most peaceful mass movement on this planet. The group(IPOB) have their registered presence in over one hundred (100) countries of the world. In all those countries, there has been no record of violence or any unbecoming act, neither has any court of law convicted any IPOB family member of whatever crime anywhere in the world.

IPOB family members are proven good ambassadors for their people, they are peacemakers, lovers and preserves of life, image makers, diligent men and women to say the least. Where then is CNF drawing their narrative of destruction from?

The Concerned Northern Forum (CNF) should have called on the Nigeria president and presidency for anything of the prevalent problems of Nigeria, not asking to stop IPOB. CNF should have asked the president not to keep allowing Fulani Herdsmen destabilize the country. They should have appealed with the president not to keep keeping closed eyes on the Fulani Bandits who are wreaking ceaseless havocs across the whole country.  Better still, they should have pleaded with the president to permit a referendum or dissolve the country himself, because it is already beyond repair, and cannot work anymore.

I will continue to question the chairman of the Concerned Northern Forum(CNF) group if there has ever been a day within this President Buhari's administration when no one has been killed by terrorist Fulani herdsmen, Fulani bandits, or Boko Haram? All of these dangerous terrorist organizations are from the north, and they are all supported by northern elders. These are the people who are tormenting the lives of Nigerians and purposefully destabilizing Nigeria, not IPOB.

Judging by the current situation of things in the country, nothing will be more rewarding than being honest to ourselves.

Therefore, I implore the Concerned Northern Forum(CNF) group to learn to be honest. This is very necessary, and it is for their own good too.

Written by Chidiebere Obulose

Edited by Domendu Emilia

For Family Writers Press International

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