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Open Letter To South-East Leaders On Ebubeagu's Misconducts

Open Letter To South-East Leaders On Ebubeagu's Misconducts To: The Southeast intelligentsia, The Southeast political leaders, The South...

Open Letter To South-East Leaders On Ebubeagu's Misconducts

The Southeast intelligentsia,
The Southeast political leaders,
The Southeast Kings and Igwes,
The Southeast Religious Leaders, and
All well meaning South-Easterners

Season's greetings to you all!

I write to all you leaders with deep sadness in my heart, asking if we are at war? If yes, then with who?
Again, I would like to know if the recently formed security group formed in the South-East(Ebubeagu) is for our security or to harass and intimidate our people. Why should we be complaining about insecurity in the South-East and still go ahead to create additional one for ourselves? And the worst infected is Ebonyi State. Infact, if the extent of Ebubeagu's lawlessness in Ebonyi State is replicated in other South-East states, we are in serious trouble.

Why would we kill ourselves with our own hands? Why would we use our own hands to create even more insecurity than the Fulani Herdsmen of which we are so worried? It is terrible!

In Ebonyi State, I have personally witnessed hell in the hands of this so-called security (Ebubeagu).
Many others have seen worse than I have. No one is safe from the so-called Ebubeagu. Old women in the market are not safe, little children on the streets are not safe, highway drivers are seeing hell in their hands, and no one is safe from them.

How did we end up in this hell? Southeast as I used to know is not the same as what I see now. Indeed, if you will pardon me, I would say we have failed collectively.
Why should we be pleased with ourselves if we train touts in the name of security? They are killing, frightening, and harassing us instead of defending us. Yet, it appears like those in authority are looking the other way.

You will not believe what the market women see from Ebubeagu's hands if you go to the Ebonyi State International Market.
I have seen them smash and match little tomatoes sold by a poor wretched woman.
I have seen them slap a soldier at Uburu; the only reason the soldier was slapped was because the Ebubeagu ordered a Keke man to stop and all those he was carrying to come down from the tricycle, and the soldier was not quick to comply. So the Ebubeagu lady slapped the soldier.
If you have not seen them act, then one of your friends or family members may have seen.

Like an Igbo adage says that "it is improper for an adult to be at home and watch while a goat deliver in titter. South-east leaders should arise to their duties and try to save our people now, before it is too late.

The security of the south east is well guaranteed if we give our full suppot to Eastern Security Network(ESN) formed by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of he indigenous people of Biafra(IPOB)?

Let us make heir while sun shine, it is wisdom.

Thanks from your concerned child,
Chidiebere Obulose N

For Family Writers Press International

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