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Biafra Genocide: A Brutal Invasion, Delivered in Neutrality and Appeasement

 Biafra Genocide: A Brutal Invasion, Delivered in Neutrality and Appeasement Invasion is defined as an unwelcomed intrusion into another’s d...

 Biafra Genocide: A Brutal Invasion, Delivered in Neutrality and Appeasement

Invasion is defined as an unwelcomed intrusion into another’s domain. It is usually, but not always an act involving the use of armed force.

Hopefully, you my reader know by now that Russia invaded Ukraine(a surverign country) in February this year, 2022. I am sure you already know that Ukraine was a part of the old Russia, called Union of Soviet Socialist Republic(USSR), but now surverign. I do think you also have read or heard the position of the United States Of America(USA) regarding the Russian--Ukraine war.

That said, I will like to add that this article is not devoted to the criticism of Russia or Ukraine, but to examining the USA's ignoble role of neutrality and appeasement, which they have played for quite some time, especially during the 1967--1970 Biafra genocidal war. I will also review how those roles question the claim that they defend democracy, freedom and justice.

There was no justice for Biafrans. This is a painful truth that we cannot stop saying.

By the time the war started formally in 1967, there was a military coup and a counter coup. But before the counter coup, there were already killings, and more killings after the counter coup. An uncontrolled killing of southerners, mostly Biafrans.

The United Kingdom(UK), an ally of USA perfected the ground for a humanitarian disaster. The UK contracted the Russian and Egyptian pilots to bomb Biafran markets, schools, hospitals and refugee centers with impunity. An overt abandonment of rules of engagement. Unlike the Ukrainians today, Biafrans fought with no weapons or military kits. There was no defensive ammunition like anti-tank, anti-aircraft, etcetera.

US could have done something to ensure justice, but preferred to play dumb by pleading neutral. In reality, it was appeasing an ally, United Kingdom. The same way it is appeasing France as it rains atrocities on Ambazonia. The same way she is still appeasing the UK today while they aid Nigeria government in their continued Clampdown on the Biafra people.

The United States needs to understand that they do more harm to democracy when they cherry pick which democratic right to defend when an ally of theirs is invading another country. She also deals a heavy blow to democracy when they cheerlead while a dictator like Putin is tearing into pieces a democratic country. In every sense also, the United Kingdom lacks moral latitude over Russia until they grant justice and make restitution to Biafra. The invasion of Biafra by Russia in 1967 was signed off by United Kingdom.

Biafrans prefer democracy because it involves three arms that are independent. This ensures checks and balances. It is troubling when a supposed democracy begins to act on the whims of one man or selected bureaucrats, instead of elected officials, using emergency or executive war powers to act rather than legislative enactment and judicial pronouncement. 

The policy of abandoned property, starvation, blockade are evergreen in the minds of Biafrans. The United Kingdom, a self acclaimed defender of human rights unleashed a combination of cyber, economic and military warfare on Biafrans. Just like United States and her allies are now engaging in seizure of properties from people who committed no crime other than being from Russia. This confiscation is done without legislative and judicial input. If the United States and her allies continue down this path, how long before ordinary citizens with different political opinion become targets?

The United States can, and must begin to do better. She has to stamp her feet and defend democracy in its real sense. She needs to make it clear to her allies, especially United Kingdom and France that they must render to Biafra and Ambazonia what they seek from Russia to Ukraine, which is freedom from oppression.

The United States as a supposed world police must stop sleeping and lead from the front by defending democracy. She must stop yielding to special interest groups within the country, that benefit from conflicts. She must stop claiming neutrality or appeasing allies and dictators alike.

Biafrans want justice, justice for all!

Written by Chibueze Daniel

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International

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