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ESN Fund: Understanding The Truth Behind Umueri Account

 ESN Fund: Understanding The Truth Behind Umueri Account   Recently, so many people have been confused. And in their confusion, they have go...

 ESN Fund: Understanding The Truth Behind Umueri Account


Recently, so many people have been confused. And in their confusion, they have gone astray. I have read countless articles coming from those supporting the infiltrators. They are saying that the leadership of the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) betrayed Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. They also talk about Umueri Account and ask why the IPOB Directorate Of States(DOS) abandoned the account. They argue that Umueri account was an account approved by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for the funding of Eastern Security Network(ESN).

Arguing that the Umueri account was approved by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is correct.

But it is needful too to respect the fact that the leadership of IPOB told IPOB members, Biafrans and supporters of Biafra that Onyendu, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has ordered DOS to discontinue the use of the Umueri account. This is because the account was hijacked by some dubious individuals that do not mean well for the Biafra restoration struggle, and this happened almost immediately after Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was kidnapped in Kenya and extraordinary rendition to Nigeria.

The DOS went further to clarify that a new account would be created in that respect.

After this announcement, some people started questioning the order. A lot of people became selective of what order to take. This led people to start branding any order that goes against some people they love, as betrayal. They will accept a message from DOS today and disagree tomorrow. They will in the same vain accept reports from the Lawyers this minute and reject another the next minute.

Umueri account was indeed an account set up for ESN funding, but immediately Onyendu, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was kidnapped, the persons in charge of the account in the United States of America(USA) started disobeying orders and kept ESN money for themselves, instead of releasing it. This was relayed back and an order came from the highest command (Mazi Nnamdi Kanu), instructing the use of the account to stop.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu then authorized that another account be opened in that regard.

Those in charge of Umueri account were one Madam Oyibo and her very right hand woman named Nelly Offoegbu. I still wonder how some people want IPOB to still be paying in money into an account being managed by two women who has been busy accusing IPOB leadership right, left and center without a single evidence. At first, they claimed they have evidence.

Rather, when people demand that they provide this evidence they have, they turned around to say it is Elohim that revealed all these things to them. A question to you, reader of this article, is this: If you headed an organisation, would you pay money into an account you are not in charge of?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was abducted and these two women went rogue, and you are still asking why Umueri account is not in use. Even one of these two women is now fronting Idu and calling Biafra a slave name, yet you want us to submit our money into an account such a person is in charge of. Something is definitely wrong with anyone thinking that way. 

Why are the gone astray Umuada(another set of rebellious women in America) now questioning the people behind the Umueri account? Why are they asking to know how money is coming in and going out of Umueri account?

Recall that these so called Umuada continued using the same account to organise fundraisings, even after the DOS disbanded it.

They did it because they believed in the fake accusations levelled against DOS by Nelly Offoegbu. They thought they are rescuing the struggle by going against what DOS said. Today, most of them are saying that the aim of this duo was to cripple IPOB financially.

Also recall that they attacked the very IPOB finance. The game was to accuse the finance team of corruption, create doubt on the mind of the people and then discourage people from donating to IPOB. Countlessly, their supporters bragged how IPOB leadership is no more getting money. They looked at an organization that have lasted over 12 years with presence in over 120 countries globally and thought they can kill her just like that. How foolish!

Nelly Offoegbu and Madam Oyibo are no more members of IPOB. Both of them are the people in charge of Umueri account and yet you want IPOB leadership to keep using the account. Please, what exactly is your brain made of?

Till this very day the infiltrators are claiming to be in charge of ESN. They are still organizing ESN fundraising. These Infiltrators do not know the channel through which ESN gets funded, yet they still fool you with ESN fundraising. The only thing you are holding firmly is that Umueri account was put in place by Onyendu, and I ask you this question: Did Onyendu say Nelly Offoegbu and Madam Oyibo should use IPOB money anyhow they want? Do you know the amount that was in that account before these women hijacked it? Do you know how much they have used the name of IPOB and ESN to garner? What did these two women use the money for?

They tell you they are taking care of ESN and you have failed to ask them which ESN. The one they are in charge of or what? How can DOS be in charge of ESN, command ESN and you believe that it is expelled IPOB members that will be taking care of same? What actually is wrong with the way you reason? 

IPOB is not bankrupt and can never be bankrupt. For your information, IPOB did not start raising funds today. IPOB have been raising funds and cannot be crippled just because few infiltrators and their supporters stopped contributing into IPOB purse. You don't have what it takes to stop IPOB. All of you that followed the infiltrators will all regret your actions. IPOB will stop all your vicious attempts to sabotage her. Most of you at the appointed time will answer for the crimes you all committed against IPOB, using the name of IPOB. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will come out and disgrace you all.

Remember that you must not believe this, but all of you will see it happen. Repent now or perish with the infiltrators.

Written by Elochukwu Nicholas Ohaji

Edited and Published by Family Writers Press International.


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