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The mafia caste of Ezza and the death of Iganga the Ebubeagu Commander

 The mafia caste of Ezza and the death of Iganga the Ebubeagu Commander Late Iganga Be recalled that on Wednesday the 23rd of march 2022, ne...

 The mafia caste of Ezza and the death of Iganga the Ebubeagu Commander

Late Iganga

Be recalled that on Wednesday the 23rd of march 2022, news broke that Gunmen, killed the Commander of Ebubeagu Security Outfit in the Ezza North Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, Mr. Magnus Iganda. Report has it that Iganda was killed in his house by yet-to-be identified assailants in the early hours of Wednesday.

Since the death of Mr. Magnus Iganda, there have been mixed feelings from people of Ezza. On the death of Ezza North Ebubeagu commander, people openly discussed the circumstances that possibly orchestrated his killing and zeroed it to the political leadership struggle.  Before Iganga became Ebubeagu commander there was mafia caste existing in Nwachi umuezeoka community in Ezza North which Iganga himself was obedient to. The mafia Lord controlled the happenstances in the area, particularly political. The mafia caste despised the current chairman of Ezza North LGA, madam Nora Oluchi Alo who also is from Umuezeoka community. 

The Ezza North boss agreed with the mafia lord to be allowed to chair LGA peacefully in return she pays them #3m monthly. 

In spite of the booty, the mafia still give Nora Alo conditions for her activities which she does not like but had no option. When former governor of Ebonyi state, Dave Umahi constituted Ebubeagu security outfit, Iganga was personally chosen by Nora Alo to command Ezza North with specific instructions to ensure that the mafia caste at Umuezeoka is destroyed. 

In return also she placed Iganga on #500,000 monthly payment in addition to what State government pays. The council boss provided Iganga with more fortification and all his atrocious acts such as forced sex with underage girls that Iganga was known for, land snatching, wife snatching among others. With the backing of Nora Alo, Magnus Iganga's reign of terror could not be equalled now that Nora Alo is eyeing House of Representatives.  Iganga was made a demi god to the annoyance of the erstwhile mafia caste in Umuezeoka who was starved and frustrated. 

Many speculations surrounded the death of Ezza North Ebubeagu commander, late Magnus Iganga. The late Iganga on being made Ebubeagu commander, given gun and patrol vehicle with errand boys became power drunk. They enter Afor Izzo market at Umuezeoka where Iganga hails from and use brute Force to dispossess people of their money, valuables. They beat and destroy market women and their peasant wares, many occasions those besmirched women offer curses to Iganga and his men swearing on their left breasts that Iganga will end tragically except it is not a woman that breast fed him with left breast. 

Iganga collects bribe in the said market with bravado and unleash his boys on anyone at will. In one occasion, a palm wine tapper from Agba in Ishielu LGA was seen openly weeping in the Afor Izzo market that Iganga sent his boys to collect 2 gallon of palm wine from anyone whose drink was the best-mind without pay. Fate was against the Agba wine seller as his palm wine was the best in the market that day, Iganga's gun wielding boys snatched two jar of palm wine after testing all the wine in the market and the unfortunate owner who had calculated how to spend money from his drink and buy quickly rushed the said Ebubeagu boys and demanded his money. One of the boys was kind enough to tell him that Iganga sent for the drink as the man asked for his money, 2 of the Ebubeagu rushed him and used the butt of their guns and brutalized the wine seller and blood oozed from all parts of his body. The man wept and swore he must revenge.

According to Information obtained by Family Writers Press International, Late Magnus Iganga Ezza North Ebubeagu commander was said to be killed in front of his concubine's house at Nwachi Umuezeoka. The Ebubeagu commander among his atrocities is notorious for wife snatching. Iganga had incurable flare for fair, tall, curvy women with large breasts and round hips. On becoming Ebubeagu commander, Iganga collected one Ijeoma Paul from her husband. Paul, Ijeoma's husband is transporter who carries goods for the locals to New Market Enugu and bring them back, he married his fair, tall, round hipped-charming eyed beautiful wife from Amawula community and both of them lives at Nwachi Umuezeoka. Family Writers Press International have it that before Iganga became Ebubeagu commander he showed interest in the said ijeoma but she rebuffed him, however as the late Iganga grabbed power of gun with patrol van and numerous other Ebubeagu boys who waits on him with pump action, Ijeoma surrendered to him. 

Paul, Ijeoma's husband was pushed to the background as Iganga came and went any time of his choice, he dines with Ijeoma while the husband waited until they finished. Iganga threatened to kill Paul and label him IPOB any day he showed sign of disapproval of his act with his wife. Some close neighbours to Paul's family recount severally when Paul returned and met his door bolted with Magnus Iganga and his wife having sex and the man waits somewhere until they were done. Paul's life was made miserable and his family members were said to swear a retaliation. Could this be the reason that Ijeoma was seen attempting to pack her things and run away the following day after Iganga was killed The death of magnus Iganga is a claw back which answers why notorious Ekene Odom aka Ekpekere was happy, jubilating and celebrating the death of magnus Iganga who he described as a tyrant. Bad enough was that the killing of Magnus Iganga was done on broad daylight and the killers were said not to be masked, and there was no resistance or aid in support of Iganga as eye witnesses said that the killers were not in a hurry to carry out their act and left

The entire LGA has been jubilating and celebrating the death of the Ebubeagu commander whom they called hard terror on the people. On the public discussion of the death of the commander of Ebubeagu in Ezza North, the masses were seen discussing the evil of this commander of Ebubeagu was to the people.

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