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REVEALED: Fulani Leaders Are Collaborating With "A Few Greedy Ijaws" In Seizure Of Lands Belonging To Igbo Speaking Coastal Biafrans

 REVEALED: Fulani Leaders Are Collaborating With "A Few Greedy Ijaws" In Seizure Of Lands Belonging To Igbo Speaking Coastal Biafr...

 REVEALED: Fulani Leaders Are Collaborating With "A Few Greedy Ijaws" In Seizure Of Lands Belonging To Igbo Speaking Coastal Biafrans

This is to notify the public that a well designed British sponsored "divide and rule" strategy, carefully being orchestrated through the Fulani Oligarchs, is currently in full implementation at "Opobo, Bonny, Andoni, etc Riverine areas of Biafraland.

First hand informations available to Family Writers Press International reveals that Fulani leaders are conniving with some gluttonous fellows of Ijaw extraction to make claims of lands that originally belongs to Igbo speaking coastal Biafrans.

Any person who is conversant with the history of Biafra restoration journey so far, will not find it strenuous to recall the long efforts of the British, using the Fulani leaders of Nigeria to try denying Biafrans access to the sea. This how the long false claim of "Biafra being land-locked" emanated.

However, it is verifiably clear that places like Ibibio, Opobo, Bonny, Okrika, Nembe and Kalabari are inhabited by indigenous Igbo speaking people(Biafrans), and they are bordering the "River Niger". How then do one want to establish that Biafra is land-locked?

It is in a bid to continue propagating this false claim that Britain have adviced the Fulani to move into the above mentioned Biafra Riverine areas and lay claims on the lands belonging to the the indigenes. This is being facilitated now through some greedy Ijaws.

Available information confirms that these few gluttonous criminals of Ijaw extraction have been paid heavily to cajole these riverine indigenous Igbo speaking people of their Igboness, threaten and seize their lands with the help of the Fulani, and pressuring them to deny being Igbos. This is actively going on as we speak.

It is worthy to note here that the so called "south-south" region of Nigeria is actually made up majority Igbo speaking indigenous peoples, and minority of non-igbo speaking. But we have also noticed that those paid agents of the Fulani have flooded the internet with fake historical claims, asserting that Igbos are rather a minority in the region. They have also continued the age-long line of telling the Igbos in the riverine area that they are different from the Igbos in the inland area. This is a well sponsored lie, and must be destroyed with truth.

Therefore, we are audibly making this call on all the coastal Biafrans to remain resolute, and become good friends of their history at this critical time. None should yield to the pressure. Do not surrender any inch of your indigenous lands to the Fulanis.

Knowledge they say is power. So we are as well recalling the attention of all Biafrans and lovers of Biafra to accept the fact, that Igbos are not "a minority" in the south-south.

We adjure all to awake to the need of educating these coastal Biafrans of their true identity. Remind them that the plan is to separate them from their brothers, and make them Fulani slaves forever. Tell them of the "divide and rule" strategy of the enemy, and encourage them to reject it.

United, we stand. But divided, we fall. The enemies know this. And that is why they will stop at nothing in making sure that they keep us divided, while they keep encroaching deap into our boundaries and advancing their efforts to take away our ancestral habitation from us.

South-south is Biafra. And no amount of pressure and lies from the British aided Nigeria Fulani Oligarchs can change that.

Written by Ogah C S Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International.

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