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The Interfering And Extraordinary Role Of The British Queen Is Objectively Resurrecting Colonialism

 The Interfering And Extraordinary Role Of The British Queen Is Objectively Resurrecting Colonialism Herbert George Wells (21 September 1866...

 The Interfering And Extraordinary Role Of The British Queen Is Objectively Resurrecting Colonialism

Herbert George Wells (21 September 1866 – 13 August 1946) was an English writer. Prolific in many genre. He wrote dozens of novels, short stories, etc. However, we best remember him for his science fiction such as “The Invisible Man”, “The War of the Worlds”, “The Time Machine”, etc. His dystopian fiction work was envisioning. His stories about space colonies and how wrong it was to take other people’s land and enslave the people there was an insinuation and an indictment of British imperialism and colonization at that time.

In that era, the British were actively in voyage, seizing people’s land and enslaving them. It was in that era that the Berlin conference happened and Africa was unilaterally shared. It was also an era wherein the South and North of Nigeria were merged without consultation.

However, the climax of the British imperialism and colonization was the Biafra genocidal war!

In this year 2022, there is a sense and justification in resurrecting such a dark era, ironically, since United Kingdom left the European Union and, as always, her lifeline is Biafran oil and gas. A keen observer from the eve of independence, post-independence to now, would see the incontrovertible intrusion of United Kingdom in the day to day running of Nigeria.

While Nigeria may appear to operate a quasi democracy, there are hidden verifiable indicators, proving that British bureaucrats are involved in government’s policy and decision making. It is also empirically shown that Nigeria government’s policy is United Kingdom first, Fulani second then the rest.

As an example, the current British High Commissioner, Catriona Liang, has been trending, all over Nigeria, in a manner beyond her official designation. Somewhat like a de facto president. She attends the Federal Executive Council meeting. And it is not a summon! She travels to Northern states and each time, after her visit, banditry and terrorism will increase as if it is in the foreign policy interest of the United Kingdom. During the #EndSars protest, she travelled to Lagos uninvited, to meet with Tinubu. A day after, soldiers rained bullets on citizens waving flags, killing many. Her recent visit to Anambra state, without exaggeration, seemed to be a journey to remind the governor where his loyalty lies and the consequence of not following orders.

There seems to be a connection between her visit and the recent killings, especially in Orlu; the bribery of local and diaspora news media, including Breitbart, to report fake news; the intensification of Ike Ekweremadu and PDP e-rats such as @mr_okokobioko, @RealOlaudah, @HisKnowledgeabl, @UchePOkoye, to mention a few, who gladly engage in escalatory accusation of IPOB/ESN without a shred of evidence, but conspiratorially silent on the many killings executed in broad daylight by Fulani bandits, terrorists and military.

While IPOB is masterfully controlling these detractors and remaining focused, it is important to explain that United Kingdom, through the instrumentality of the Commonwealth of Nations, created The High Commission. The High Commissioner is now resurrecting colonialism in this year 2022. And the question is: why would a United Kingdom that unilaterally acquired parts of Africa in Berlin conference feel any need to be respectful? Are the indigenous people of a country merged without consultation deserving of such honorable treatment, even in 2022?

In the presence of colonialism and white supremacy, what should the indigenous people do? Is the Ukrainian resistance a good example of what should be done?

Written by Chibueze Daniel

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi

For: Family Writers Press International

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