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SHOCKING! Lawyer Discovers A Britain-Biafra Treaty On Biafra Sovereignty

 SHOCKING! Lawyer Discovers A Britain-Biafra Treaty On Biafra Sovereignty Mr Bruce Fein, an American Constitutional and International Lawyer...

 SHOCKING! Lawyer Discovers A Britain-Biafra Treaty On Biafra Sovereignty

Mr Bruce Fein, an American Constitutional and International Lawyer, is also an international counsel to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB). Recently, Mr Bruce made a revelation via his Twitter handle by tweeting the below quote,

“Great Britain negotiated a Treaty with Biafra on June 24, 1827, and with Igabo Chiefs on January 8, 1885, both predicated on Biafran sovereignty. The UK’s later brutal extinguishment of that sovereignty with machine guns was no more legal than Russia’s war to conquer Ukraine.” ~ @BruceFeinEsq

From the tweet, it undeniably shows that the treaties submitted Biafra as a sovereign nation. but unfortunately, the treaties were dishonoured by Britain with guns and bullets. 

It now makes sense why history is banished in Nigeria’s school curriculum. The the blanket of historical facts in Nigerian schools is deliberate. But like a ‘cat with nine lives', the long and buried secret of the atrocious acts committed against Biafra by Britain is gradually coming out of the burial ground.

Professor Chinua Achebe in one of his writings, noted that the Berlin conference of 15th November 1884 – 26th February 1885 was where it started raining on us. At the time, it was debilitating to think of the sharing of Africa as a piece of cake; quite unjustifiable and reprehensible or condemnable. It never even occurred to us that a bigger shock awaited us. That while the conference was ongoing, Britain formalized a Treaty on 8th January 1885 as a plan-B, in case she was not able to convince her fellow White Supremacist colluders, with her invasion and colonization pitch.  Fortunately for Britain, the Berlin Conference upended the Treaties formalized. 

Thankfully, there is nothing hidden under the sun! Britain was dishonorable enough to violate the "Treaty with Biafra(the plan-B)", because their "greedy quest for invasion and colonization(plan-A)" succeeded.

Permit me therefore to state emphatically that Christian Missionary work was the calculated recipe of colonialism, allowed for an intended purpose or pre-ordained outcome. Also, the Berlin Conference, as a subjugation and enslavement gathering, propelled the British conquest ambition. Hence, the Americans and Europeans are no less guilty.

The obligation is now on Europeans and Americans to make amends by supporting the balkanization of Nigeria and a return to pre-invasion era. Britain as the architect of the suffering of the indigenous people of Biafra must not be allowed to be a ‘gatekeeper of truth’ in Ukraine. Now is the time to hold Britain accountable for the defilement, abuse, genocide and appropriation of commonwealth of Biafraland. Now is the time for every conscientious human to stop the war in Ukraine and free the Biafran people from British stranglehold!

Written by Onyemachi Gabriel

Edited by Chibueze Daniel

For: Family Writers Press International

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