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The Avoidable Killing Of Biafrans, And The Hateful Involvement of BBC

 The Avoidable Killing Of Biafrans, And The Hateful Involvement of BBC For the umpteenth time, let me explain to you why the British Broadca...

 The Avoidable Killing Of Biafrans, And The Hateful Involvement of BBC

For the umpteenth time, let me explain to you why the British Broadcasting Corporation(BBC) was formed. This is a very indispensable knowledge, especially for those who wish to justly condemn the bias coverage of the British media setting. There is a purpose for which BBC was setup, and it has consistently serving the good of that purpose.

BBC was setup as the propaganda tool of the British government, useful for driving their foreign policy.

What is the British government’s foreign policy? It is the ideology of the globalists. These are eugenics who run a professional syndicate, whose ideology is the encouragement of wars, abortion, famines, etc. If this is too much for you to process, let us explain it in a different way.

James Herold Wilson, former British Prime minister was one of these people. At the beginning of the genocide on Biafrans, Wilson said before local and international media that even "the dead bodies of half-a-million(4.2%) Biafrans will not force the British government to change her policies concerning the Nigerian civil war.” So, this is how you know them. Eventually, over 3.5 millions(25%) of Biafran lives were lost to the wickedness and greed of Britain. That is how they roll. They do not agree that all men are born equal before God. They look at everything with a racial prism, and subject everything to racial scrutiny. In other words, within a certain race, not everyone has a right to life. And between black and white people, they promote white supremacy.

You need to understand this stuff. It is important you understand the connection between mainstream media, the big pharmaceutical companies and the military industrial complex. Everything they do is for profit and nothing is for service to humanity. Do not be deceived. Next time when a Bill Gates or any of his organization visits your location, for example, just know that he may well be collecting samples for research on the next round of infectious disease to be created in a laboratory. Once they create an idea or a movie such as ‘The V” or “Strain”, it is promoted with the media. And depending on whether it is for health emergency or war, the big pharmaceutical companies or military industrial complex steps in.

A recent report accused the New York Times(NYT) of being anti-Semite. It alleges the NYT knew of Hitler’s crime against the Jewish minority for over a year, but covered or silenced the report. An early unbiased report would have exposed Hitler and stopped the unnecessary deaths. The real question here is: Who founded the New York Times and what is their connection to Hitler? 

The BBC follows the same pattern. Frederick Forsyth was a young reporter with the BBC as the Biafra genocidal war started but was soon laid off. Why? “Because your reports are not mainstream”, he was told.

So, reporting the truth is not mainstream. In other words, the BBC was not established to tell the truth. So, why was the BBC formed? To tell the story for the economic interest and benefit of the founders, of course. What does the BBC and NYT have in common? They both belong to mainstream. Long before the Biafra genocidal war started, a truthful report from the BBC would have exposed the unprovoked ethnic clashes that targeted Biafrans; the improper conduct of the western region elections and the interference of the Prime minister, Tafawa Balewa.  It would have stopped the carnage and prevented humanitarian catastrophe. But doing that would be outside mainstream.

So, what is mainstream? Mainstream represents something sinister. Such as the manipulation of religious or ethnic chasm.  A deliberate promotion of an oppressor as a victim and vice versa. Like in the case of Biafrans who have been victims of Nigeria's extrajudicial killings, but BBC rather reports them as aggressor who are instigating violence. Making sure the killers of Deborah Yakubu, a female student that was recently killed for said blasphemy against Mohamed walk free is also part of it.

At the point of the gruesome murder of this innocent girl, BBC remain mute. Shortly after her murder and some arrests were made, which led the Muslim youths to protesting and burning Igbo people's properties in demand for the release of the arrested, that was when BBC stepped in. And you know what they reported? They said the protest was being carried out by those who frowned at Deborah's murder. Outright lie!

In similar manner, many Deborah Yakubus have been killed without getting justice. Something as little as police invitation was not extended to them. That was not an oversight. It was intentional. A predetermined outcome. Unless something is done fast to stop the evil BBC and the people they represent, more and more of the innocent will still die for nothing, just like Deborah Yakubus and the millions of Biafrans.

The question now is, what do we do? Here is a suggestion: It is an advice from a wise counselor. Two cannot walk together unless they agree. If they cannot agree, they go their separate ways. We must go our separate ways. It is the only solution to the problem. A common sense solution.


Written by Chibueze Daniel

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International

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