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The BBC Propaganda And The Biafran's Amicable Quest

 The BBC Propaganda And The Biafran's Amicable Quest The era we are now is such a terrible one, in which the media have been weaponized ...

 The BBC Propaganda And The Biafran's Amicable Quest

The era we are now is such a terrible one, in which the media have been weaponized against the victims of tyranny and terrorism, while terrorists and terrorists-supporting governments enjoy media cover-up from giant media companies across the world. Such is the case of Nigerịa and Biafra.

Recently, Biafrans have been subjected to media attacks and deadly blackmail. The Nigeria government, using her security architecture have committed lots of atrocities and used media to accuse IPOB of being the perpetrators.

Just yesterday, the 12th of May, 2022, the British Broadcasting Cooperation(BBC) came with their own propaganda against same Biafrans, targeting Biafra Media faces across the world, accusing them of propagating violence. This British media giant in their brutishness portrayed the Biafrans as villains, and projected Fulanii herdsmen terrorists as the victims. Their aim was to call out these media faces for persecution and prosecution in their countries of residence. Probably, to get them arrested, and deported back to Nigerịa, so that the killer Nigeria government can have them killed or imprisoned.

The BBC game against Biafrans did not start today. In 1967 -- 1970, BBC pushed out lots of misinformation against Biafra, convincing the world that Biafrans were bunch of rabels that needs to be wiped out. All the atrocities they were committing in Biafra land was shielded by BBC.

Biafra was a young country that declared her independence on May 27th, 1967. This independence was declared as a result of the killing of more than 30,000 Biafrans in the Northern Nigerịa, and the subsequent refusal of Yakubu Gowon, the then Nigerịa head of state to implement the 'Aburi Accord'.

These were why Biafrans took it as an obligation to defend and protect themselves, and stop the North from the killing of Biafra citizens. And secession then became the best option.

This option Biafrans took did not go down well with the British government, as they believe that the resources in Biafra soil belonges to Britain, the Nigeria's colonial master. And that being the case, Britain cannot fully and autocratically take charge of these resources, should Biafra become an independent nation. But, under one Nigeria and probably under the governance and dominance of the Fulanii tribe, Britain will continue to enjoy the Biafra resources, while the owners of the resources suffer.

So, Britain, using BBC, activated a dangerous media propaganda against the young Biafra nation.

Britain needed the war that took place in 1967 -- 1970 to happen, and they worked towards it. 

How did Britain do this? Read on:

In the Nigerịa of 1960, the Igbos and the rest of their cousins(the whole Old Eastern Region of Nigeria) were the most educated in Nigerịa. This meant that the North could never have easily found their ways to being usefully incorporated into any sector of Nigerias economic activities. And even if Britain rig the election to favour the North, the workers in every sector would still possibly be southerners, so Britain needed to put a stop to this by instigating a war.

The coup of 1966 led by Kaduna Nzeogwu was first seen as a Nigerịa revolution. A defeat of evil, corruption and injustice. It was pictured as a victory for Nigeria, until BBC came with their lies and propaganda.

It will interest you to know that Britain already had Hausa Broadcasting Service, even before the independence of Nigerịa. And Britain have seen 'virgin illiterates' in the North, that can be used at any given time through manipulative media. So they took the advantage.

Britain, immediately after the coup used the Hausa BBC platform to incite the mainly uneducated Hausa people against the Igbos. They were told that the coup was planned by the Igbos to take over the country. They incited the North against the Igbos, leading to the death of more than 30,000 Igbo people. The Northern Hausa Fulanii mob killed lots of Igbo people and littered their bodies on the streets of the North.

When a meeting was called in Aburi, Ghana by the then Ghanaian president, it was meant to avoid conflict or civil war. The outcome of the meeting would have stopped the impending war, but it turned out that Britain did not like the outcome, as it would not be to their core interest. 

And again, BBC intensified their campaign of lies and ruthless propaganda against Biafra people. Using BBC Hausa Service, they turned the whole meeting upside down, stating that Gowon has bowed down to Ojukwu. By implication, it means that Nigeria, or do I say "the North" has bowed down to Biafra.

The majority illiterate northern masses did not take that easy. So they unleashed more mayhem, forcing Yakubu Gowon to renege on Aburi accord.

In Aburi accord, an agreement to return to regional government was reached. Something Britain did not want. A regional government would give Biafrans higher chance to control their resources. This means that it will be impossible for Britain to manipulate Biafrans like they would do in a Nigera controlled by the Fulanis.

So, the British wicked propaganda led to the war that claimed the lives of more than 3.5 million Biafrans. That war was the only measure Britain could adopt to push the Igbo back, and cement the Fulanii dominance of Nigeria's economy, enabling Britain to keep milking Biafra resources.

52 years after the war, Biafrans are still treated as slaves in Nigeria, marginalized and kị́lled. They are denied of little things like roads and infrastructure. Railways was built across other regions, but Igbo regions, that were Biafrans is cut out by the government. The region has no seaport and no working international Airport. They were stopped from occupying vital positions in Nigeria. And up until this day, an Igbo has never become a president of Nigerịa. Nigeria hate the Igbos, yet they do not want them to have their own Republic.

These ill treatments of Nigeria government, aided and supervised by the British against the Igbos have resurrected the call for the restoration of Biafra.

The Mazi Nnamdi Kanu led Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) became the movement, championing the call.

Since 2010, the Nigeria government has been killing IPOB members, whose offences have only been that they waves Biafra flags, protesting peacefully in demand for a referendum to determine the Biafrans fate. 

At Nkpor in Onitsha, Emene in Enugu, Aba, Umuahia, Port Harcourt, etcetera, IPOB members were kịlled in numbers. Recently, Nigerịa government have been killing Igbos in Orlu, Imo State in the name of going after Eastern Security Network(ESN) and IPOB members.

The illegal move by Nigerịa government to kidnap IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in Kenya changed the whole story. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was extraordinarily renditioned from Kenya to Nigeria, after cruel torture and several inhuman treatments. And since then, the state have unleashed lots of blackmail against the IPOB movement. Lots of people have been killed and their deaths deceptiously blamed on IPOB. The recent killing of soldier couple in a barbaric manner was meant to paint IPOB as evil, in the eyes of the world. Since then, BBC has joined to demonize IPOB the way they demonized Biafra in 1967 -- 1970. 

It might interest you to know that since more than 9 months now that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu(a British citizen) was kidnapped and forced into Nigeria by Nigeria government, BBC have not investigated or reported it.

But, we will not allow BBC to use media to sentence Biafrans to another genocide, like they did in 1967 -- 1970. Not when we are alive, and not in this era of social media.

Biafrans should rise up to the occasion to counter and expose BBC as the evil and fake news champions they are. BBC has mastered a way to report an events as to destroy the victims and save the villain.

One thing is clear here. And if you do not know this, I will give it to you for free. Biafra restoration is not a good deal for Britain. Your subjugation and annihilation is a guarantee for British prosperity. And they are bent on making sure Biafrans are subjugated forever.

This is why you must rise up to the occasion. You must counter BBC and their likes. You must do things collectively and individually. You must use every news media platform to expose BBC and their likes. Biafrans are living every where in the world. You can submit a petition against BBC and how they are aiding Fulani terrorists in the killing of Christians and murdering of Biafrans in Igbo land, and beyond. Submit such petitions to the government of the place you are residing. Do not say you know not what to do.

Finally, this is the time for everyone to get back to his or her unit and start supporting this movement. Their aim is to have the movement destroyed before releasing Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, but we will not let that happen.

In our very own eyes, we shall see Biafra become a Republic!



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