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The South-East Security Conundrum, The Overmuch Fulani Onslaughts And The True Identity Of "Unknown Gunmen"

 The South-East Security Conundrum, The Overmuch Fulani Onslaughts And The True Identity Of "Unknown Gunmen" For months now, the s...

 The South-East Security Conundrum, The Overmuch Fulani Onslaughts And The True Identity Of "Unknown Gunmen"

For months now, the southeast have almost become a no go area. The everyday burning of government and individual properties, and killing of innocent armless people have become the order. Nobody is safe anymore; ranging from top government officials, the police, the military and the poor men and women in the streets. All are living in fear of being killed by the so called "unknown gunmen".

Worst still, the Nigeria government have failed to be upright. So, instead of confronting the region's security challenge, they criminally resorted to paying most of the country's greedy newspaper houses, ordering them to accuse the crimes on the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) and the Eastern Security Network(ESN), a people that are completely innocent, who have only asked to be allowed the right to live.

This is why the crime aiding "British Broadcasting Corporation(BBC)", #PunchNewspapaer and others have maliciously maintained that IPOB and ESN are those committing all the crimes in the Southeast.

The situation continues to grow worst, to an extend that within a week, and in just one of the southeast states, Anambra, a serving lawmaker was killed and body decapitated, a Muslim family was almost wiped out within a day, among many other crimes. On the Sunday following, the Methodist Prelate, His Eminence Samuel Kanu and RT. Rev. Dennis Mark were kidnapped at Umunneochi in Abia State. 

To God be the glory, the two servants of God were released after the payment of One Hundred(100) million Naira ransom. And the confession of His Eminence after he regained freedom is already all over the social Media. The man of God boldly stated that their kidnappers are Fulanis. He also recounted that their kidnappers said they were in a mission to get enough money and buy enough weapons with which to invade Igboland. And that the kidnappers confessed to hate government officials, and could have slain him if he were one.

Now, the question of "who are the Unknown Gunmen" does not appear to still beg for an answer. Admitably, the unknown gunmen have killed several government servants and destroyed government properties(acts that can only be perpetrated by those that hate the government, as the kidnappers confessed to do). They are the ones terrorising Igboland, that killed the Anambra lawmaker, that killed the Muslim family at Anambra, that are kidnapping people all around Alaigbo(Igbo land). Can any reasonable fellow still accuse these crimes on IPOB/ESN, or rightly direct them to the Fulani elements, sponsored by high profile men and security agencies in Nigeria politics and Military?

This question is answered by the Methodist Prelate's revelation, amidst other evidences. Thank God that this man of God was rescued alive. Else, those that are aiding the crimes, who had already started pointing accusing fingers at IPOB/ESN, could have intensified the allegation. This single revelation and the true signals it provided have made it possible to almost effortlessly trace the core cause of insecurity in the South East, only if those in positions of power wishes to. 

In conclusion, if ever the south east will regain her serenity again, the public have to total agree to the fact that IPOB have relentlessly eganged her members in only the activities that are for the good of the region, and entire humanity at large. Stop the hate, join force with IPOB to rid off all blood suckers from our beloved homeland.



Written by Obulose Chidiebere

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi

Family Writers Press International

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