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EBUBEAGU: On Whose Orders Does The Formation Act?

 EBUBEAGU: On Whose Orders Does The Formation Act? The everyday indiscriminate killings and intimidation of Igbo people by the 'Fulani s...

 EBUBEAGU: On Whose Orders Does The Formation Act?

The everyday indiscriminate killings and intimidation of Igbo people by the 'Fulani saturated', but 'Igbo named' murderous "Ebubeagu" is no more news. This Fulani disguised criminals, parading themselves in the south east states as security operatives have killed so many bright and hopeful Igbo youths in course of carrying out their wicked schemes. Yet, those in the positions of power in the region are not questioning them. The killing of 14 Imo youths that were returning from a marriage ceremony on the 17th of July 2922 has crowned it all. Still, after a fews days, it is also being reported that they have killed another person in the same Imo State. On whose orders are they carrying out these bastardly acts? What is emboldening Ebubeagu to keep killing IGBOS so indiscriminately? What ever this is, it is also the same reason nobody, not even the number one security officers of the states(the governors) are asking Ebubeagu questions.

To help comprehend how horrifying things have become, just imagine what the governor of Imo State said, following the killing of those 14 innocent Imo youths. He came shamelessly to exonerate Ebubeagu from the act, claiming it is carried out by members of the Department of State Security(DSS). In another statement by the Ebubeagu commander, he claims that those they killed are the members of Eastern Security Network(ESN). As though there is any way the members of ESN have been proven as criminals or the enemies of the people. Now, does these confusing statements from the two men not simply tell that these killings and intimidations are usually ordered from the offices of the Chief Security officers of the states, which for the state in question now, Imo, is Governor Hope Ụzọdimma, the supreme court imposed governor? It is the governors, in a bid to please their Fulani masters, directs these blood thirsting criminals to kill and intimidate Igbo people who are peacefully going about their business. Else, how could Hope Ụzọdimma have so carelessly reacted to a matter of such magnitude. In that video statement, he did not even behave as if the killing of those promising young boys worried him a bit.

Just as the special counsel to the Indigenious People Of Biafra(IPOB), Barrister Aloy Ejimakor tweeted some weeks ago, "since Mazi Nnamdi Kanu formed IPOB/ESN movements, none of the verifiable and true members have been convicted any where in the world for any criminal activities." Therefore, Igbos should as a matter  of urgency, hold their governors, especially Dave Umahi and Hope Ụzọdimma responsible for all these wanton killings in Igbo land because, this Ebubeagu outfit I their brainchild.



Written by Chidiebere Obulose

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International

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