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Kudos To ESN For Enforcing Open Grazing Ban At Lokpanta - IPOB

 Kudos To ESN For Enforcing Open Grazing Ban At Lokpanta - IPOB  We, the global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB...

 Kudos To ESN For Enforcing Open Grazing Ban At Lokpanta - IPOB 

We, the global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership of our great leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU commend the doggedness of our great security outfit called the Eastern Security Network (ESN) who confronted the terrorists masquerading as herdsmen at Lokpanta on 22nd July 2022.

We commend the IPOB leadership who has seen what our people are passing through in the hands of these terrorists kidnapping for ransom, raping our mothers in farms, killing of our men in their farms and snatching cars from all the travellers following the routes in Isiukwuato, Umunneochi, Isuochi and Okigwe since over two years but government refused to heed to the crying of the citizens. 

IPOB hails them for doing the needful at that area, we are not pursuing responsible fulanis not to do their their legitimate business.  But we are after those terrorists masquerading as herdsmen kidnapping and destroying our people's lives and farm lands in that area.

IPOB and ESN are responsible for the killing of cows encroaching into people's farm lands. We also warn the fulani terrorists not to venture attack any Community in the area as in their nature. If they attack any Community, that means fulani will no longer be allowed to do business again in that market. IPOB advise all fulanis in a legitimate business to ensure they stay within the designated areas assigned for them in the market. They must not exceed the square meters and measurement given to them in that market.  If they do, they will have scores to settle with IPOB. 

IPOB is not a terrorist movement, our focus is on peaceful Biafra Referendum for citizens of Biafra to decide their fate in the Nigeria project. We are not fulani terrorists who used Boko Haram to terrorize Goodluck Ebere Jonathan out of office and force Late Buhari, the terrorist sponsor into the office. 

Even though Elohim destroy the terrorist sponsor but the Caliphate manupulated their ways and force an impostor, a masked wearer into Aso Rock. That's why Nigeria has divided and spoiled beyond redemption.

Clueless Arewa group mentioning Peter Obi's name with the activities of IPOB shows that they're suffering from what we called "Igbophobia". Peter Obi belongs to the Nigerian elites his condemnation or silence on IPOB activities is none of our concerns. We ask Arewa terrorist sponsors, did Alhaji Atiku Abubakar condemn the gruesome murder of Deborah Yakubu in Sokoto state last two months?  Instead he encouraged Muslim fanatics who murdered and burnt the young lady in her school because she posted something that was not related to the Muslim family. Let it be crystal clear to Arewa group and whoever cares to listen that IPOB and Peter Obi with other Igbo politicians have parallel objectives and they have nothing to do with IPOB strategy and operations. 

The terrorists masquerading as herdsmen in Lokpanta should know that ESN under IPOB is responsible for the recent decimation of cows that the terrorist are using as cover to kidnap, rape and destroy our people's farmlands. Therefore, if these terrorists attack any Community in that area they must  prepare to leave that area and infact entirely Biafra land. We are not interested in whatever their political leaders and their political collaborators in Igbo land are saying. 

IPOB and ESN has responsibility to keep our land safe for our indigenous people and lawful residents. We will not compromise on this obligation even when the compromised Nigeria Security have joined the Agendist to forcely take over our Land. IPOB is the people and the people are IPOB and no one or tribe will take over our Land. Not today and not tomorrow. 


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