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Ekweremadu And The Wickedness Of Nigeria Politicians

 Ekweremadu And The Wickedness Of Nigeria Politicians That Sonia Ekweremadu, the daughter of Senator Ike Ekweremadu, is at the centre of why...

 Ekweremadu And The Wickedness Of Nigeria Politicians

That Sonia Ekweremadu, the daughter of Senator Ike Ekweremadu, is at the centre of why her father is in a lot of trouble in the United Kingdom is no longer news. What is rather shocking for those who understand the tremendous wealth and power Nigerian politicians wield, is that he has been detained and has his day in court. While his access to an independent judicial system and fair trial is a welcome development, the concerted campaign of calumny and crucifixion at home of David by a rented combination of online and court of public opinion is indicative of vacuous system and wicked political class determine to go any length to oppress the ruled. Otherwise, how does one explain the story of David and Ekweremadu? Save for divine providence, it has become another biblical David against Goliath.

Do you know that David is not qualified to be anything around Ekweremadu – a former deputy-president of the Senate. The class and social status war going on in Nigeria is better not imagined not to talk of being experienced. Without exaggerating, an attempt by David devoid of controlled approach to Sonia could immediately earn him a torture or even thrown to the dogs. There is no doubt about the disconnection and dichotomy between the ruling class and the commoners in Nigeria or what the ruling class can subject the poor masses to in a heartbeat. This disregard for the ruled typical of every political position; from the lowest to the highest, the story is uninspiring.

The entire story, unfortunately, sounds like a Greek gift. There are questions that lead to more questions. Such as: how and where did David meet with Ekweremadu? And, honestly, the more questions one asks, the more there is a conclusion that the whole thing was an arrangement intended for exploitation, period.

This is exactly what Nzubechukwu Nwachineke wrote on his Facebook page, quote: “Ekweremadu has a pair of healthy kidneys. His wife ditto. Sonia’s three siblings also do, giving a total of 10 kidneys with great matching probability due to blood ties. None of them loved Sonia so much to the point of donating one out of ten kidneys. They all loved their lives so much. David should be the scapegoat because he was born poor and comes from the part of the world where exploitation of the poor and downtrodden is ceaseless and sadly sometimes celebrated by the same victims who have overtime immersed themselves in the very worst fashion of the Stockholm syndrome.

There is nothing like a father trying hard to save the life of his daughter without the heart of sacrifice for same. His efforts should center on himself, the wife and his other children. Love is stronger when it is rooted in blood. I love David for being smart.”

These are facts and figures that need to be reasoned properly for you to know and see the level of wickedness in the heart of Ike Ekweremadu.

Just tell me the love Ekweremadu and Sonia’s siblings have for her? Ekweremadu where is your love for your daughter? Beatrice Ekweremadu, as a mother, where is the love you teach to others? As a mother you know the pains mothers experience to give birth to a child. You wanted your daughter to be alive but another mother’s child dead. The love they were unable to show to her they want David the poor boy to show to Sonia. But indeed, God is alive!

Ekweremadu has been in the senate for more than 19 years while his brother is serving in Enugu State House of Assembly, yet we do not have a functional health centre in the whole Southeast. With billions of dollars Ekweremadu siphoned since his over 19 years in the senate, he never dimmed it wise to build a clinic in any part of this country. Of course, if Ekweremadu could not show love to his daughter by donating his own kidney, how do you believe he will love others around him, especially his estranged constituents?

I pray Sonia gets well soon and detests her parents for their wickedness. Indeed Ekweremadu and his fellow Nigerian politicians are wicked. But as it is said, what you sow is what you reap. Karma knows every man’s address.

Written by Chidiebere Obulose

Edited by Chibueze Daniel

For Family Writers Press International.


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