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In The Desperation to Halt Biafra, Nigeria Heads to The Gulag

In The Desperation to Halt Biafra, Nigeria Heads to The Gulag  Gulag, a name that comes from the prison camps in the former Soviet Union, me...

In The Desperation to Halt Biafra, Nigeria Heads to The Gulag 

Gulag, a name that comes from the prison camps in the former Soviet Union, meaning "where living conditions are extremely bad". That is exactly what Nigeria has become, and even worsening on daily bases. More interestingly, things appear to be unfolding in a reverse reaction.

In this space of experience, "be careful of what you wish another fellow", and, "do not throw a stone in the market place" are twin statements, pointing out how life can be ironical. When the Constitutional Review Conference recommendations were released in 2014, it irked the Fulanis because they feared that the one-sided status quo would cease. To be blunt, they feared the emergence of Biafra. And to prevent it, they activated their insurance policy, terrorism. The unprecedented increase in Bokoharam attacks was not unconnected to Biafra Derangement Syndrome(BDS).

When the clannish and bigoted Buhari ascended Asorock throne, all hell was let loose. The cry for activists blood was loud and insatiable. There was state sanctioned violence, a flagrant abuse of laws without pretence. There was broad daylight security execution of unarmed freedom fighters, kidnaps, torture and killings. The eastern region, the stronghold of the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) agitators, became a killing field. Many young people, in what is their daily ritual of going out to make ends meet and coming back in the evening, were taken on their way to or from work. Many never made it home but had their organs harvested in an attempt to deter freedom fighting. Many others are still languishing dungeons of the Department Of State Services(DSS). These youths did not commit any crime known to any law. Their only crime is that they are either Igbos, Biafrans or Judeo-Christians.

Prior to this time, we observed that as the freedom fighters remained resolute and refused to be intimidated into abandoning their just quest. Still, not many people connected the dots. Goodluck Jonathan, the then Nigeria President of Nigeria became the soft target for being on the way, but not the ultimate target. The quashing of Biafra agitation was. And in extension, freedom of expression and free speech. Fulanis needed someone that would speed up their Islamization agenda, to be in Aso-Rock. That is why the 2015 general election was designed by voices outside Nigeria. During election, the electorates speaks. But, a claim can be made that 2015 was a selection, at best. And it is how the worsening conditions of Nigeria pathetically continues.

Fast forwarding to today's story of a people that would not want Biafra to see the next day, the reverse is totally the case. As many internally displaced people(IDP) are usually absorbed by their extended families in the east(Biafraland), the same cannot be said of the north. You rather have records of IDP camps in northern Nigeria. This is the result of refusing to detach from the original plan of using terror to advance Islam and speed up the Islamization process.

The challenge now is that the military equipment and personnel are in the peaceful eastern region while Bokoharam, ISWAP, Fulanii herdsmen, Bandits, etc., with a new order from whoever is controlling them, have a new mandate to kill Nigerian president and hoist their caliphate flag in Asorock, yes!

The Fulani are not that bright as a people. Although it must be admitted that there are pockets of really gifted individuals amongst them. But this is why their British handlers, who are experts in cognitive manipulation game have played them into the Gulag.

Sincerely speaking, the secret for unlocking and understanding the extent of damage done to a people sub-humanized by the government of United Kingdom, is history. At the moment, decades-old manipulation and mutilation of truth, coupled with half-baked history has led to identity conflict and demonization of ancestors. Though an effort is in the plain to mitigate the situation and reverse the trend, it is only successfully incremental. An incremental effort is a small effort that is usually intangible.

 For an effort to be tangible or impactful in the uncovering of the uncorrupted history, there must be consensus desire to seek out the truth; a concerted willingness to connect with the past in order to find out how much of the present is affected by many lies of the past. It should be noted, with deep reflection, that the past shapes the present while the future is solely projected by the present. 

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, leader of IPOB promised to destroy Nigeria with truth. This statement is not borne out of hate. It is rather that only way to again, give meaning to life in the geographical area. The system that makes Fulanis think that others have to all die for only themselves to live, has to be destroyed.

Kudos to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB for their consistency.

At this point ladies and gentlemen, Nigeria is destined to collapse. Nigeria heads to the gulag and will soon disintegrate!



Written by Chibueze Daniel

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International

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