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Those Accomplice In The Ongoing Genocide in BiafraLand, Will Face Judgement One Day

 Those Accomplice In The Ongoing Genocide in BiafraLand, Will Face Judgement One Day There is an ongoing genocide across Biafraland. It is a...

 Those Accomplice In The Ongoing Genocide in BiafraLand, Will Face Judgement One Day

There is an ongoing genocide across Biafraland. It is an awful and evil act sanctioned by the United Kingdom against a people who are averse to lying to gain function. For economic considerations and relevance, Britain prefers to commit genocide by proxy. The Fulani is non-indigenous, but unfortunately, controls political power by proxy, for the United Kingdom, because they(Fulanis) do accept to cheaply live by the devilish dictates of Britain, through an incomplete decolonization process.

First of the ongoing genocides is that of Imo state. It is directed and supervised by the supreme court imposed Fulani terrorist administrator of Imo state, Hope Uzodinma. Uzodimma has used the Nigerian jihadist and terrorist infiltrated military to kill thousands of youths in Imo state. Secondly, in Anambra state, after the present governor Prof Chukwuma Soludo was sworn-in, he received the British de facto president in Nigeria, Catriona Laing. After then, Soludo has as well turned Anambra state into an unsafe state, and insecurity has increased exponentially. We correctly predicted that Soludo would choose political publicity over service to humanity. And today, after we watched Catriona like a scene from a movie, as she made a presidential visit to government house in Awka, we have regrettably been proven right again. Soludo is now the Vampire of Anambra state, because many young lives have been cut short because of him. Thirdly, the terrorist Nigerian military have been committing genocide in Enugu Ezike, a border community to Kogi and Benue states, where the terrorist Fulani herdsmen have their base, and almost conquered. They are waiting for the military to suppress Enugu Ezike and kill off the youths before they invade Enugu, Igbo main heartland, through there.

But the most recent is in Abia state, spearheaded by Orji Uzor Kalu(a senator and former governor of the state). A preferred Fulani slave, recruited by the British who feels entitled and privileged. In collaboration with the present governor, Okezie Ikpeazu, Orji Uzor Kalu has threatened on behalf of the Fulani terrorist government to deploy the Super Tucano jet against Biafrans in direct violation of the defense contract condition given to them by the United States Of America(USA) who sold the jet to them. The agreement on purchase is to explicitly use the jet only against terrorists. But, on the contrary, we watched Orji Uzor threaten to use the jet against the people of Abia. And unfortunately, with the daily killing of youths that started for about a week now in Abia state, it appears the threat is already getting carried out.

Fellow Biafrans, my heart is so heavy that I cannot continue to recount the atrocities of these descendants of Lucifer.  But the hope we have is that Biafra will soon be restored, and there is no room for reconciliation with these vampire politicians who are serving the interests of the Fulani terrorist government against their people. It is therefore a sacred duty we owe to all our brothers and sisters they killed in cold blood, to make sure these vampires have no peace for the rest of their days. We need to 'not only drag them to the International Criminal Court(ICC)', but also give them judgement in Biafraland.

Willie Obiano is still working freely after his genocide in Anambra, while Peter Obi is busy gallivanting and campaigning for the president of the zoo, after Ezu River floated with corpses of our men he killed. I will appeal to the Directorate of State(DoS) of the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB) to start with the prosecution of people like Willie Obiano who is not under any diplomatic immunity. I urge all Biafrans to make sure these vampires never have peace anywhere they run to hide.

Let justice prevail!



Written by Ogbonna Uchechukwu

Edited by Chibueze Daniel

For Family Writers Press International.

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