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IPOB blasts Miyetti Allah Groups for linking the Struggle to Obedient2023

 IPOB blasts Miyetti Allah Groups for linking the Struggle to Obedient2023 The attention of the global movement and noble family of the Indi...

 IPOB blasts Miyetti Allah Groups for linking the Struggle to Obedient2023

The attention of the global movement and noble family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership and command of our great leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU has been drawn to the laughable and disgraceful statement credited to one Saleh Alhassan of Miyetti Allah group linking the so called obidient movement to IPOB. Miyyeti Allah is a known architect and breeder of many terrorists groups terrorizing Nigeria since Late Major General Muhammadu Buhari took over power in 2015. 

IPOB knows that these terrorists masquerading as cattle herders constantly linking Peter Obi with IPOB and Biafra agitation are doing so because of their hatred against Igbos and their fear for Biafra. They never linked their Fulani presidential candidates to Boko Haram terrorists and Bandits even when it is evident to all that they are co-sponsors of these terror groups.   Miyyeti Allah, a known terrorists supporting and terror sponsoring group  that the current Fulani Presidency of Nigeria elevated and stylishly glorified to the 4th level of Government are not well informed to know that IPOB does not engage in seasonal jamboree and selection process called Nigerian election. 

IPOB can not drag its hard earned reputation to the mud of the farce called Nigerian politics. We have no interest to legitimise the Nigerian flawed political system by coming down to the level of their crooked and retarded political aberation taking place in and done by Zoo Politicians. Peter Obi is involved in and playing the dirty Nigerian politics while we in IPOB play advanced internationally accepted politics targeting Biafra Referendum. Therefore, Caliphate and their terrorists attack dogs in Miyyeti Allah should face their political opponent and stop linking Peter Obi with IPOB agitation. If Peter Obi believes in what we are pursuing he wouldn't have come out in the first place to contest for Nigeria President. 

The Nigerian terrorist government and their brothers linking Peter Obi with IPOB agitation means they have exhausted their blackmail against Peter Obi, hence they have resulted to tribal politicking. Saleh Alhassan and his Miyetti Allah terrorist group should stop exhibiting their cluelessness and stupidity in the public because everybody knows their role in the current insecurities bedeviling Nigeria. 

Again, to say that IPOB has fallen into obedient structure is a joke taken too far and an insult to this noble movement and to the spirits of all our heroes and heroines who have paid the ultimate price for the freedom of the Biafran people and for the restoration of our Sovereignty. The Igbo people rallying behind Peter Obi are not IPOB members because IPOB doesn't want the evil and murderous contraption called Nigeria to continue to exist and we must break disintegrated the Nigeria enterprise irrespective of whether Peter Obi or anyone else from the Biafran geographic space is contesting in the Nigerian farce of an election.

Nigerians should understand that not every indigenous Igbo, Ibibio, Anang, Izon, Ogoni, Urhobo, etc from Biafra extraction support the Biafra Agitation by IPOB. While some are in support others are against. That's the democratic nature of Biafrans which only Referendum will settle. Therefore,  if the Miyetti Allah thinks that every Igbo person supports Biafra freedom, then they should examine their brain in a psychiatric centre. 

IPOB is not interested in Igbo President or a Nigeria President from Biafra extraction. Our mission is simple. Nigeria must cease to exist as a country so that all the Nation imprisoned in it can regain their liberty, freedom and dignity.

Concerning what that demented soul called Saleh Alhassan said about the killings going-on in the Eastern Region, it is on record that the Fulani are behind most of the killings. They started killing our people since 1945 till date.  But everything that has a beginning has an ending. The time that Fulani will kill Igbos or Biafrans in the North in the name of riots is over.  Let them try it again and see the stuff IPOB is made of. Fulani terrorists are cowards who hide under the cover of the fulani controlled Nigeria Security to cause havoc to other tribes. The Nigeria compromised Security Agencies are the collaborators, conspirators as well as the facilitators of the Fulani terrorists. 

No body should drag or link IPOB with Peter Obi's politics. We have moved beyond the Zoological Republic of Nigeria politics. IPOB have said it several times that we don't know Peter Obi, we have nothing in common with Peter Obi and we do not agree with his political opinions IPOB is a freedom fighting movement and has nothing whatsoever to do with or in Nigerian politics. So long as we in IPOB are concerned, Nigeria is irredeemable. All we want is the unconditional release of our Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra Referendum date. 


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