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The Simultaneous Defeat Of Two Nigerian Champions Is Another Drawback Of Upholding Expired Identify

The Simultaneous Defeat Of Two Nigeria Champions Is Another Drawback Of Upholding Expired Identify Kamarudeen Usman and Anthony Joshua are i...

The Simultaneous Defeat Of Two Nigeria Champions Is Another Drawback Of Upholding Expired Identify

Kamarudeen Usman and Anthony Joshua are international wrestling champions that have obviously done well in the past. Currently, there are trending news all over the internet, showing the simultaneous defeat of the two Nigerianists. These men hitherto believe in One-Nigeria project, but their strange coinciding defeat has once again shown that there is something naturally wrong with continuing to identify with the expired British contraption, Nigeria.

Those who supported and continued to support Nigeria political elites through whatever means are not left out in this kind of shame and defeats, be you in Nigeria or diaspora. You can count them; those who have been put to shame for this same reason.

How can you continue to give support to a system that is primarily existing with the objective to kill and maim its citizens, destroy properties and perpetuate underdevelopment? Those managing it are hell bent on land grabbing, forceful takeover and shedding of innocent blood Indigenous peoples. Does that not simply mean that you are on the side of the oppressor? How can you exonerate yourself from the consequences that will befall the oppressors and their supporters?

Lives have been cut short, dreams abruptly killed, hopes battered, children made orphans, wives widowed, businesses shattered, residents displaced and so many other damages brought to innocent masses by the bloodsucking political vampires in One-Nigeria, yet you keep praising and advocating for the continuity of the contraption. Why will shame not befall you? Tell me?

This is a clarion call to remind the political jobbers, Obi-dients, Atiku-lated and Tinubu-larized noise makers, who are beclouded with the unforseen and fake hopes that one miracle or the other would salvage a spilt milk or a rotten egg. The more you support these oppressors, the more you are disgraced and brought to nothing, beware! This is yet another evidence showing the indisputable fact that 'when you serve the interest of the zoo(Nigeria), you must come back in shame'. It is not ridiculous but purely truthful.

Therefore, it is high time our ship is steered towards home. Where else can one be rest assured and safe other than their homeland? God have given us enough signs that should open our eyes to the dangers of being in this contraption. What else do we need? Tell me? Every entrapped ethnic nationality in the contraption should begin to think home. We are going our separate ways. It does not matter what anybody does or believes, because God Almighty have destined it so.

The Fulani Oligarchs should learn now not to further their attempts to stop the people's march to freedom, otherwise, more shame shall befall them.

Written by Oguwuike K.C

Edited by Ogah C.S Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International

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