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A Concerted Effort Towards Biafra Restoration Is A Duty All Biafran Owe The Motherland

  A Concerted Effort Towards Biafra Restoration Is A Duty All Biafran Owe The Motherland At this very time we are, it is indeed an error for...

  A Concerted Effort Towards Biafra Restoration Is A Duty All Biafran Owe The Motherland

At this very time we are, it is indeed an error for any man or woman of Biafra origin, living within or outside Biafraland to keep quiet over the struggle for Biafra restoration. Biafrans have suffered alot of inhumane treatments in the past, and are still suffering such today globally. When we make conscious reference to what Biafrans suffered during slave trade and Nigeria civil war, every genuine Biafran with a bit of conscience would have no reason to doubt similar occurrences are still repeating in different forms to Ndị Igbo, today.

There was a time in history when our ancestors were forced, sold and sent to foreign lands as slaves. Today, Biafrans are been systematically forced, sold and sent to foreign lands through human trafficking, organ harvesting, etcetera. This was not known among our ancestors before the Era of Slave trade. According to documented record, Biafrans were the highest victims of the slave trade era, and still maintaining such record till now. The only way we can restore the lifestyle and dignity our ancestors enjoyed before the Era of slave trade is through Biafran restoration.

The Nigeria civil war was another major event in history that almost led to the extinction of Biafrans, over 3.5 million Biafrans died during the war. It was a genocidal war initiated, piloted and sponsored by the British Government and her allies. This 3.5million is just a generally accepted number. The correct record numbers about 5million. An end of the war may seem to have been pronounced, but the truth remains that Nigeria and the British are still terribly warring against Biafrans. The cause of the secret genocides that are going on in Biafraland now is still indirectly traceable to the British Government and her allies, under the Umbrella of keeping Nigeria as one at all cost, at the detriment of Biafrans. The solution is Biafra restoration. 

More pathetic thing is how some Biafrans in Diaspora and within Nigeria, and in positions where they are supposed to be the voice of our people, completely accepts to remain quiet.  Permit me to ask, you that is in a position to speak for our people concerning the inhumane treatments they are facing, but refused to speak, what joy do you derive from such attitude? Gone are the days of fear of speaking the truth before the enemies. The Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) under the command and leadership of the great Liberator, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had made us overcame such fear.

All persons of Biafra extraction should be encouraged by the consistent great efforts of IPOB. All well placed Biafrans in Nigeria and Diaspora should likewise be challenged to speak for the Biafra people, concerning what the race is passing through now at the hands of Nigeria, Britain and her allies.

Our dear Professor Uju Anya spoke out recently for our people, and we all saw the global response her voice got. If ten or more Biafrans like her speaks up, the restoration of Biafra as a nation will be sooner than expected. A concerted effort towards the Biafra restoration struggle is a duty all Biafran owe the Motherland.



Written by Nwaeze Goddy

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International

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