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The Game Of Manipulation, By The Manipulators

 The Game Of Manipulation, By The Manipulators  It has always been manipulations upon manipulations. The whites(both America and Britain) wa...

 The Game Of Manipulation, By The Manipulators 

It has always been manipulations upon manipulations. The whites(both America and Britain) wanted a Buhari President to happen. For them, what President Jonathan set out to build with the people around him must be crashed, if not crushed. Especially, in Agriculture and in Economic sectors. 

Yes, Nigería must not be seen being food sufficient, neither will their economy become anyhow stable.

David Cameron(the then British prime minister), Barack Obama(the then American president), and an Anglican Bishop in Britain(the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby). All directly and indirectly campaigned for Mohamadu Buhari.

In 1983, 84 and 85, this same Buhari happened. He made Nigeríans queue for milk. He crashed the economy and left many citizens hungry. 30 years plus later, a massive campaign was launched and social media was also used. Dubious people were used; including writers, musicians, lecturers and men of God. These people launched a massive campaign and successfully brought back this man to power.

The aim was to bring down the economy and destroy the exploits made in agriculture, and the best person to do it is someone with a jihadists mindset, a Buhari. This is a person who feels that like his ancestor (Uthman Dan Fodio) did, he too can take indigenous lands and hand it over to his Fulani people. A bitter man who will kîll businesses because he is targeting a particular tribe. An ethnic bigot who can easily construct railways for another country, while leaving out a region he so much hated. A sick old illiterate who knows nothing about governance.

Within few years in government, he destroyed the economy, forced many companies to leave, many lost their jobs and many businesses shut down. That is exactly what the manipulators wanted. Africa must not grow. They must be forced not to grow their own food, and made to keep borrowing.

After 8 years of using Mohamadu Buhari to achieve their wicked aim, they are about saving their establishment by enthroning Peter Obi.

Brothers and sisters in the contraption, Nigeria, you are under manipulation.

I have written that Peter Obi is a British candidate. He is a tool in the hands of the foreign manipulators, just like Buhari. The choice of Obi is to fool the people and give them a little hope in a hopeless situation.

Those that think Peter Obi can not manage to be president are those that have simply failed to understand the strength of our manipulators, and how dubiously they use it. They are helping Obi from every angle, and when you say it, people will hardly agree. You know why? Because Obi is saleable. He has a good political history. So, the people think he is only making waves more than others because of this. It is not completely true. He is making waves because he is backed by our collective manipulators.

If I decide to start campaigning for Peter Obi today, my twitter account @ElochukwuOhagi that has been pinned on 57.8k followers for the past 3 months will catch fire. The social network algorithm favour them, just like it favoured Buhari in 2015. Ask yourself these questions; is Jonathan not better than Buhari? Is Buhari not more corrupt? But they massively unleashed the media on us all and made you think that a corrupt, sick, old illiterate will kîll corruption.

Believe me, I am not writing this to make supporter of Obi or a believer in one useless and hopeless Nigería agree with me. I am writing this to alert freedom fighters and all those fighting to put Nigeria into eternal sleep to stand tall and not believe that Peter Obi will bring the needed change.

Should Peter Obi go on to win, what will his government do? Of course, people will breath a moment of fresh air, owing to the fact that they have been raped and dehumanised for 8 years by a Fulani jihadist turned president. A man that have been tortured mercilessly, will thank God when put in a room of lesser pain than what he previously experienced. This is the situation people will find themselves under the next government. Obi or anyone to come will not change the constitution. He will not touch the system and whatever is happening will keep happening. Being a man not as bad as Buhari, he will bring some elements of hope using the current system, only for another man the manipulators will bring to come and destroy all he has done. And with it, send you back to square one.

The Nigería system encourages corruption, reason Nigeríans hope for a man with good conscience to rule them always, so that he will not use more of the parts of the constitution that enable corruption. 

Freedom fighters should not relax simply because Peter Obi is declared winner. Things you will be seeing should not in anyway fool you. Do not say he is one of us, so let us relax and give him chance to rule. You will be making a huge mistake if you wear such mindset. You will continue with vigor your march towards the restoration of Biafra. It is left for them to allow him to win or be rigged out. Never you fall into the temptation of putting your hands into it. 

Like I said, you will see Obi's winning or rig out as a win win. This evil enclave masquerading as a country must be put to a permanent sleep. We must not suspend the restoration of Biafra for any reason. We must not fall cheaply to the game of the manipulators.


Written by Elochukwu Ohagi

Edited and Published by Family Writers Press International

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