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The Politically Recruited Ebubeagu Security Operatives And the Bloodshed in Igbo Land

 The Politically Recruited Ebubeagu Security Operatives And the Bloodshed in Igbo Land Adequate security for lives and properties is so fund...

 The Politically Recruited Ebubeagu Security Operatives And the Bloodshed in Igbo Land

Adequate security for lives and properties is so fundamentally important and needs being properly in place, to aid sanity in any society. The Old Eastern Region of Nigeria(Biafraland) is not excepted from this fact.

However, the Formation of Ebubeagu, a supposed Security Outfit can simply be described as nothing else but the Devil's advocacy. This vicious group was created by the very men who were entrusted the protection of lives and properties of citizen, sand they claim that the group serves the purpose, but evidence abound suggests that the activities of this state sponsored militia(Ebubeagu) indicates the direct opposite.

Ebubeagu was formed by the governor Dave Umahi chairmaned South East governors Forum of Nigeria, but intended as a contrary force to the Eastern Security Network(ESN) established by Nnamdi Kanu, the Leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB). And, while Kanu mandated his ESN to curb the reign of Fulani terrorism in the Biafran region, operatives of Ebubeagu are charged against the ESN, and command to abduct and slaughter Igbo youths indiscriminately, accusing them to be members of ESN and IPOB. Infact, it is verifiably true that most operatives of this militia force are not Igbos.

Ebubeagu have unleashed severe terrors on the people of Biafra, within the little time they have operated. Residents and citizens of Imo state will not forget in a hurry the atrocities Hope Uzodimma, the man occupying the state adminstrative building have used this Ebubeagu millitia to inflict on them. They can not forget the extrajudicial killings of innocent people; mostly youths at their prime. They cannot forget the burning down of houses and properties without any notable provocation, just to instil fear and exert dominance. The brutality of these Ebubeagu agents are unparalleled, they can only be compared to the Infamous "Awkuzu Special Anti-Rubbery Squad(SARS)", a Special unit of the Nigerian Police, said to be trained and funded by British government, which their legacy for extrajudicial killings of innocent people and harvestion of their internal organs to sell to foriegn bidders, is also outstanding.

The Menace of these unprofessional cold-hearted operatives are not only confined to Imo State, they are spread across the entire Southeastern region of Nigeria and even to the coastal region, where they are said to have been harvesting uninformed, misguided and jobless youths into the killing squad, to continue their horror campaign against their relatives in the Eastern hinterland. This program has been verifiably proven to be supported by the Federal government, sponsored and controlled by the fulani oligarchs as it suits their own ethnic agenda.

As it is often said in one of the Igbo adages, "The Serpent will never give birth to anything short in length.

The British who have chosen the Fulanis as their most faithful and trusted disciples whom they have entrusted the affairs of their company(Nigeria), had also taught them the deceptive and cunning antics she(Britain) used on her colonies during colonialism to control the rest of the sheeps in her absence, which was to recruit few individuals willing to serve their interests, empower them and used them to exploit the majority, for their own benefits. And the Fulanis have applied the same tactics on many ethnic blocs in Nigeria, especially in the old Eastern region(Biafra) and so far it has been effective.

In 2019 during the midterm elections in Nigeria, people of Imo State voted their choiced candidate but it seems that their candidate was not in the interest of the federal government, so the government nullified the results, went to the supreme Court and in a "sham" judgement overrode the accurate electoral results and installed the fourth position candidate as declared by the election results, as the winner of the contest. 

And in all these, Britain and European officials who were present to observe and ensure that there is free, fair and transparent election did nothing to caution those tampering with the election results. The people's mandates were robbed, they tried to protest the injustice, but their fate was already sealed and that was final.

IPOB and her leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu were shouting at the top of their voices that the act is a travesty of Justice, and that nothing good can come out of such criminality committed by state. Nnamdi Kanu also stated that Hope Uzodimma was not coming to serve the people, rather to advance the agenda of those who broke all protocols to install him in Imo State government house. And within a short period of time, the script he was given started playing out, a once peaceful state turned into a war zone, with thousands of internally displaced people from their ancestral homes, owing to State sponsored criminals and militia, Ebubeagu in collaboration with the Nigerian army.

With the Nigeria Media giving very little and biased media coverage of the atrocities committed against the innocent citizens of entire old Eastern region by these Ebubeagu militia and other state affiliated political gangs, Family Writer Press International have taken it as a responsibility to investigate deeply the whole "Ebubeagu Program" to exact the source of criminal gangs that have proliferated the region, their sponsors and their motives.

It was during our investigations that we discovered and also confirmed the allegation of IPOB against the Nigeria government and Politicians, of recruiting youths from the coast line into the Ebubeagu militia to terrorise those in the hinterland. We gathered that one Mr Abe who works in Swale market, Bayelsa State as a environmental cleaner and waste disposer is among them. Our correspondent uncovered that on 28th December 2022 market women in Swale were gathered in circles shaking their heads in disappointment and anguish. In the process of interviewing few of them to know the reason for their unhappy faces, a woman who pleaded anonymity told our correspondence that "Mr Abe was really loved by many market women because of his generous and gentle lifestyle, as he discharges his duty to the society. But we were surprised to hear that last month, Abe was among those recruited and sent to Imo state to join Ebubeagu militia. And in the middle of December, Abe came back looking neat and changed. We all were happy to welcome him, only for us to receive the most shocking news today that Abe on returning back to Imo state to resume his newly found job, was killed", the woman voiced disappointedly.

And we also realized that Abe was not the only victim of such tragic incident as there are many other families who are even looking for their siblings and relatives, not knowing that they have been killed while they went on criminal assignments. Or they clashed with other political affiliated gangs or even Nigeria security operatives.

This is why the continuous existence of Ebubeagu is not only disastrous but detrimental to the existence of the people domiciled in the entire old Eastern region of Nigeria. Hope Uzodimma and the south east governors  should as a matter of urgency stop using this killing squad to wreak havoc in the region, to assassinate political rivalries and turn around to blame innocent people as being responsible.

The world should consider Biafrans humans enough to exist and not farm animals that will be slaughtered without any eyebrows raised. International human rights groups like amnesty international, human rights watch should also join their voices in investigating and calling out the activities of these state sponsored terror millitias in their gross violations of people's human rights, and probe Hope Uzodimma and his Co travelers for the destruction of lives and properties of the people of Eastern Nigeria (Biafra).

Written by Sabinus Gab

Edited by Enenienwite Ikechukwu

For Family Writers Press International

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