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BREAKING! Dave Umahi Renames Ebubeagu To Neighbourhood Watch

 BREAKING! Dave Umahi Renames Ebubeagu To Neighbourhood Watch Following the Abakaliki Federal High Court's disband of Ebubeagu militia f...

 BREAKING! Dave Umahi Renames Ebubeagu To Neighbourhood Watch

Following the Abakaliki Federal High Court's disband of Ebubeagu militia formation, Governor Dave Umahi, the Ebonyi State Governor and Chairman of South-East Governors’ Forum, on Friday 17th February, disclosed that a bill proposing the replacement of disbanded Ebubeagu outfit in the State, is already drafted before the Ebonyi State House of Assembly. Umahi said that the motion requested for the establishment of two local security outfit's, and has been approved and passed into law. 

Recall that the disbandment of Ebubeagu was a consequence of several alleged human rights abuses, extortions, illegal arrests and use of firearms by the security outfit to intimidate people. Umahi announced the establishment of the two local security outfits, during an Enlarged Security Meeting/ Live Broadcast, in Abakaliki, on Friday.

According to him, “On the issue of Ebubeagu, I have directed that Ebubeagu will not function in the state until the Stay of Execution is granted and appeal is entered, this is in obedience to the rule of law and respect for our judiciary which I have great respect for, whether the judgement is good for our people or bad, it is the judgement of the Court". 

“However, it must be noted that just about a month ago, another court of equal jurisdiction had passed a judgement restraining anybody from disbanding Ebubeagu, what it means is that I have two judgements on the same subject and I could choose the one to obey if I were not a lover of the judiciary. But, I have decided to obey the later judgement that says Ebubeagu should not function". 

“So, for now, Ebubeagu should not function while we process the Stay of Execution and appeal entered at Enugu. And, Ebubeagu when granted, will begin to function again. 

"Notwithstanding, let me thank the House of Assembly for passing into law another two sets of vigilante outfits for Ebonyi State, whose process started in 2021, but they graciously passed it into law a few days ago. And that is, 'Ebonyi State Neighbourhood Watch". 

“Let me say that we have had this Neighbourhood Watch even before now as far back as 2015 and they did tremendously very well. So, the law is back and they are empowered to function.”

Chidiebere Obulose, reporting

For Family Writers Press International

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