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Nigeria And The Conscious Ethnic Profiling And Blackmail On Igbo

 Nigeria And The Conscious Ethnic Profiling And Blackmail On Igbo The unwavered consciousness of the Nigerian state to demonize the Igbo Tri...

 Nigeria And The Conscious Ethnic Profiling And Blackmail On Igbo

The unwavered consciousness of the Nigerian state to demonize the Igbo Tribe albeit her determination to be law abiding within the hostile state of Nigeria is worrisome. Up till this moment, Nigeria has consistently had a trigger placed on the head of every Igbo indigene, without provocation. And the question remains, why has this act of terror against the Igbo citizens continued unabated and consciously premeditated without any repercussions on the oppressors?

The insanity and premeditated extermination of indigenous Igbo citizens by the Nigerian State as at present has its venomous actions targeted at our children in public spheres. The motive is to characterize Igbo kids as enemies among their peers from other indigenous tribes in Nigeria, using a carefully articulated craft of lies and distortion of historical events.

The fundamentals of civic education which is meant for Basic 8 or Junior secondary school 2 (JSS 2), written by a tribal bigot called Sola Akinyemi and endorsed by the Nigerian ministry of Education has on its page 38 where he reported that madam Efuronye Tinubu whom at the time of her existence was a human trafficker whose business was slave trading, fought against the abolishment of the demonic act as a courageous woman. On the same page Akinyemi also craftily instigated perjury and psychological blackmail by claiming that Igbo citizens constantly invaded and captured Moremi Ajasoro's people as slaves. That is a distortion of historical facts. Akinyemi finally called the Igbo indigenes, enemies.

This academic poisonous book is a ploy by the Nigerian state to place the Igbo kids within the red line as endangered humans. That the Nigeria state and her ministry of Education have proofread that Book "the fundamentals of Civic Education" and accepted its use for children, sends an unmistaken signal to a future of anarchy preplanned for the total emasculation of the Igbo tribe. This is every parent, irrespective of tribe and affiliations must urgently call for the abolishment of that book from the curriculum of our kids. The right values and moral norms must be taught. Teachers must learn to research and build confidence in their professions and avoid the distortion of historical and societal facts.

No country can move forward with such premeditated show of shame. If the Nigeria state sees the Igbo as her problem, it is more honourable to grant her wish of self-determination than fight a lost cause of blackmail and treachery. 

Written By Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International.

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