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Selfish Policies Of Britain, US, the Major Problem Of Biafra independence ---Dr. Charles

 Selfish Policies Of Britain, US, the Major Problem Of Biafra independence ---Dr. Charles An Abia cultural activist, Dr. Charles Amanze says...

 Selfish Policies Of Britain, US, the Major Problem Of Biafra independence ---Dr. Charles

An Abia cultural activist, Dr. Charles Amanze says, Britain and the United States of America is stalling Biafra’s independence through their selfish policies, stating that the two governments must apologize to the people of Biafra for allegedly violating their domestic and civil rights.

Dr. Charles Amanze, a cultural activist and an acclaimed High Prince of Issi Imo Ancient Kingdom, accused the two nations of stalling Biafra’s independence through their selfish policies, describing Biafra as the worst nightmare of Britain and America.

The Abia Philosopher, who recalled the essence of Biafra Heroes Day, in Umuahia insisted that “freedom of Biafra is irreversible”, adding “We make a demand to uphold our domestic right as a people and as a nation”.

The culturalist and Grand Commander of Amadioha Society, who demanded an apology from the countries for allegedly violating the rights of Biafrans, said, “The British and American governments have violated the domestic and civil rights of our people of Biafra, through the Nigerian government. We seek redress, apology and a chance of existence, according to the dictates and conscience of our cultural heritage.”

He recalled that the western nations, for over 200 years, subjected Africa to slavery, using our ancestors for unpaid forced labour, explored and exploited the continent by carting away her mineral resources to development their economies, neglected and used her (Africa) as a pawn in war and crises situations, have continued to used aids and partnerships as baits to perpetuate enslavement of the continent.

He further accused the two nations of plotting to foist an energy crisis on the continent just to perpetuate their stay in pretence of trying to address the problem, noting that the negative effects of western policies on Africa and Ndigbo in particular, have led to impoverishment and violation of the people’s domestic and civil rights, which he said must be reversed.

“We have not seen nor enjoyed any fruits of political stability and human rights,” Amanze said, adding, “that is why we work so diligently to gain more victories in the democratic column.”

Amanze who is also the Convener of Eastern Youth Cultural Network, explained that focusing more on human rights and democracy in the struggle with concepts of Biafra freedom would usher in stability, stating that the foreign policies of the West were aimed at subjugating Biafra.

“They claim that they were giving Africa aid but the condition in which Africa finds itself today, the condition in which the Igbo man finds himself today, is the condition that the western world wants us to be. It is not that we cannot develop ourselves,” he stressed, adding: “The true gospel is that we (Africans) are rich to feed the western world but we are hungry here. That, we want to stop, that we want control, that we want to correct.”

He argued that partnership, as a western policy, was another oppressive instrument for controlling African governments, describing it as modern-day slavery, noting, “What they call partnership today is modern day slavery and it is injurious to our future existence. The reason for partnership by Britain and America, through their foreign policy, is to gain control.

“In partnership, they control our resources, they control our governments, and we report to them. We do not have the domestic and civil rights of independence and liberty. This is the reason and the point for the kingdom to rise through the process of cultural tradition to restore the dignity of the land.”

He alleged that Nigeria was reeling in debt today because the West has created a situation whereby leaders of African countries must continue to borrow, expressing his unhappiness that Western influence on Africa was undermining indigenous cultures and traditions of the people.

It is for this reason, he said, that the Eastern Youth Cultural Network has unveiled a programme for educating Igbo youths on the principles and application of their culture, stating “We have a classic case where we focus on educating the people on the need to raise the cultural literacy level in the Southeast region.

“The cultural literacy level in the region is a thing of special attention. It is the call of duty because literally, our children no longer understand the basic foundation of our culture. “Without our cultural heritage, we do not have security. “

According to him, the Eastern Youth Cultural Network was working to improve security in Igbo land, concluding, “The security of our people is our concern. And when we talk about security, we do not talk about the soldiers on the streets with guns, we do not talk about the ESN with guns in the bush, we do not talk about Ebubeagu, we talk about the cause of this rampage. When we discover the cause and fix it, that is the security approach that we want to apply”

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