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Analysing The IPOB Economic Empowerment Initiative And Its Prospective Nature

 Analysing The IPOB Economic Empowerment Initiative And Its Prospective Nature As already widely circulated, the Supreme leader of the Indig...

 Analysing The IPOB Economic Empowerment Initiative And Its Prospective Nature

As already widely circulated, the Supreme leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has expressed his intention to return the sacrifice and love shown to him by Biafrans in willingly setting out Mondays Sit-At-Home in protest against his unjust incarceration by the Nigerian government. Kanu specifically declared a perpetual stop to the Mondays Sit-At-Home exercise and decides to utilise same Mondays for the Economic Empowerment of the good people of Biafra who have lost so much economically while the exercise lasted, adding to the well masterminded economical strangulation which the region have suffered since its entrap in the British creation, Nigeria.

Throughout human history, all men upon attempting to liberate themselves from oppression have duly been motivated, driven to establish and offer to themselves/their people certain privileged affluence and opportunities they had been denied due to their unnatural imposed lower social status. This is to say that all Self-determination quests, be it on an individual scale or national, is basically influenced by the dream of economic and social prosperity & enhancement to a certain elevated standard, likeable to the model of their oppressors or even beyond. Hence, the IPOB movement in her self-determination quest for the Biafran people, is also undoubtedly driven by this holistic natural principle.

Thus, this piece is aimed at elaborating on some of these already Marshalled out plans announced by the movement over these years, its prospective nature, its strategic goals – long-term or short-term, as well as the challenges the movement face at achieving the required result.

Some of these plans are, namely;

(i) Advocacy for renewed agricultural/Local Animal Husbandry revolution, to enhance Food sufficiency within the Biafra region, as well as to reduce dependency on the products of unfriendly sectors and organizations.

(ii) Embargo on the Rapid and excessive commercialization of morgues and mortuaries within the Biafra region, and encouragement for swift burial of the deceased in shortest period of time.

(III) Building of standard market places at designated sites within the Biafra Region, to diversify the trade capacity of the region and absorb/attract inward investment from, but not limited to 'discriminated against Biafrans from western and northern Nigeria' who wish to relocate their investments back to the Homeland. And so on.

Although the IPOB movement commands substantial influence within the region and enjoy the people's benevolent goodwill - owing to her decorous and considerate conducts, she is yet to receive the political mandate to fully carry out any of these plans, obviously because the total political freedom is yet to be achieved in the form of a sovereign Independent Biafra nation. This is why it is needful to work with the Biafrans from all work of life to tacitly implement these policies.

And, while the movement tactically works with the interested parties to implement these policies, she understands the pervasiveness of the uninterested, which are intent on frustrating these plans - either to suit their personal interest or those of remote foreign parties. Thus, these plans are slated as long-term policies which will be gradually implemented while the struggle to secure the Biafra Nation political willpower continues, which can be ideally argued to no longer to be a question of "If" but that of "when".

Furthermore, taking cognizance of the incarcerated IPOB leader – Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's newly announced initiative of setting aside the embattled Mondays in the Biafran region as Economic Empowerment day(EED) to further enhance the economic activities in the region and alienate the sufferings of the people who have voluntarily dedicated these days in solidarity with him as he undergoes torture in the Nigerian Secret Police Detention facility, all suggests that these policies are in tandem and are been rolled out in pace of time while the full context of the new initiative is yet to be revealed, noting the IPOB leader maintains that he would explain and supervise this plans himself upon his unconditional release as his case in the Nigerian Supreme Court draws nearer, which in turn is expected to uphold the judgement of the supreme Court of appeal that discharged and acquitted him of all charges and  barring his further trial in any court within the country.

All these mean that the IPOB movement and the Eastern Security Network(ESN) are no way disturbing or terrorising the peace and calm of the Biafran region as erroneously depicted by the Nigerian security forces and conventional media. Rather, they are engaged in sophisticated economic development initiatives aimed at ensuring that the Biafran people enjoys the same benefits and privileges which good Governments around the world provides to her peoples.


Written By Enenienwite Ikechukwu

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International

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