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Immigration Backlash: Gaddafi Warned The West But They Never Listened

Immigration Backlash: Gaddafi Warned The West But They Never Listened Immigration Backlash: Gaddafi Warned The West But They Never Listened ...

Immigration Backlash: Gaddafi Warned The West But They Never Listened

Immigration Backlash: Gaddafi Warned The West But They Never Listened

We heard that the heavy influx of immigrants from Africa into Europe have continued to rise uncontrollably, with gateway European citizens living in the countryside, who are direct interlocutor between the country and these immigrants already raising alarm how intolerable the influxes of these runaway migrants to their communities have become. For Instance, In the Italian Island of Lampedusa where over 7,000 immigrants are said to have arrived in just one week, locals are said to have outrageously protested, calling it outright invasion.

Not only in Italy. The United States is also down with her own fair share of immigration problems at the Mexico-US Southside borders, where thousands of immigrants mainly from the Caribbean’s are flooding towards America. Britain is Implementing strict border patrol policing of the English Channel and outright Deportation to Rwanda. The European Union is spending lavishly to seal-tight the only Europe-Africa land border in Morocco via the Spanish Ceuta and Melilla direction, while on the other hand hindering the intercontinental bridge project at the strait of Gibraltar. Presumably, in line with the EU Chief diplomat, Josep Borrell infamous speech of "Europe being a garden" which should not be invaded by the beasts from the jungle. 

Be it as it may, the West had it coming. Their imperial greed and exploitative affinity is the sole trigger of this immigration crisis. All these countries where these desperate immigrants are said to emanating from, are absolute victims of western imperialism and interventionism. Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Haiti, Lebanon, Libya etc, and ofcourse the entire African continent, But more specifically– Sub-saharan Africa, have been long-term victims of the West dictatorial policies, hence the migration crisis. It is simply the principle of cause and effect taking due precedence.

However, the then Libyan President Mummar Gaddafi did try to warn Europe about the impending catastrophe, especially when they decided to ostensibly designated Libya as a military adversary and target, aiming at destroying the country's outstanding economic autonomy and infrastructural developments in order to discourage other African states from following the Libya path, as that would not serve their imperial interests. He tried to point to them, how Libya was the Giant wall keeping Europe safe from the "Migro-sapien" Pandora's box. They Never Listened Instead, they went on to bomb Libya mercilessly into the stone ages, through the machination of the NATO military alliance.

France, Italy, UK, USA, Spain etc all actively partook in the destruction of Libya and assassination of Gaddafi. Today, France who lead the charge against Libya, is almost being overrun by the migrants as was seen with the recent spiral of violent protest that rocked the fifth Republic. The UK is retroflexing the Slave-trade era "French-Haiti Scenario" by deporting these immigrants to Rwanda even though the British judiciary is reportedly opposed to the plan.  

Ironically, The UK Government choose Rwanda instead of her favorite "Giant" in Africa –Nigeria, for the deal. But, the catch is simply because a disproportionate percentage of the people she plans to deport are actually from Nigeria, who escaped the economic hardship, mainly through the deserts and the Mediterranean Sea. So, The UK in her "Infinite mercy" decides to send them to the geographical abysmal But, far more economically stable East African Country.

Nonetheless, these wishy-washy friend shoring migration program are not sustainable in the long run, and they know it. How many Immigrants will Rwanda absorb, before they understandably, begin to rebuff? Hospitality is fair, but not when it is detrimental to healthiness of the Host. Is this not why the UK is outsourcing in the first place? 

The West can end this crisis. All they need to do is to bridle the gluttony and affinity to meddle in the affairs of these countries. Russia is also super power whom at some point in history, built an absorbent empire and possessed colonial ambitions. But today, does not face the same problems as the West. Because, she did not callously continue to exploit these nations, nor imposed puppets to continue entrenching her interests at the expenses of the Indigenous People. Rather, she left and even contributed immensely in stabilizing them. Same with modern China. Migration and survival are interconnected and naturally inspired. That was how the earth was populated afterall. People leaves a place in search of better stuffs, unless they have a greater reason to stay at their prime location. Migrating Africans amongst others will cease to runaway to Europe, once the West stop giving them reasons to do so. But, as far as the imperial hardship continues to bite harder, they will defy all odds to survive.

So, instead of deploying military contingents as always to Africa, the West should rather pursue genuine economic developmental projects in Africa.

Written By Enenienwite Ikechukwu

Editor, For Family Writers Press International

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